New Delhi to New York in Just 6 Hours | 10 Facts About Boom Supersonic X-B1 Jet Plane that is Making it Happen

The dream of many can come true to travel faster than sound. Yes, in an amazing development that has shaken the entire world is this New Jet – Boom Supersonic, which can make you travel the entire world in just 1 day. Sounds crazy but that’s so damn true. Going by the present speed at which the jet is designed, it could make travelling from New Delhi to New York in just like 6 hours, yes you heard that right, six freaking hours !!!!

About the Jet

The jet named as XB-1, Boom Supersonic lovingly called as baby boom is designed to travel at the speed of 2335 kilometres per hour., can make take you right from one place to another in a jiffy. Sounds extra terrestrial but this supersonic jet is one amazing invention that mankind has made to cater to the fact that “Time is money”. For those who earn whopping crores of money would not mind spending a few “Chillars” in buying a ticket of Inr 4.5 Lacs for one way trip.

Highlights of the Jet

The amazing jet at lightening fast pace has key features inherent in its design that can drive you insane. If you are wondering that this is all a big lie, Okay,then let us not boast, let us simply state facts :

Fact 1 :  The jet is Supersonic i.e. it travels more than the speed of the sound. Astonishingly true !

Fact 2 :  It is the ‘fastest civilian jet’ in the World !!!

Fact 3 :  The jet could shuttle passengers from Australia to USA in 6 hours and by this we certainly do not mean in dreams.

Fact 4 :  Can travel at a height of 60,000 feet. Imagine and get fainted already

Fact 5 :  Travels @ 2335 kmph or twice the speed of sound or more precisely 2 Mach

Fact 6 :  Estimated price per ticket $6600 or INR 4 lac (approx.)

Fact 7 :  45 seater jet to have 500 planned routes worldwide

Fact 8 :  Commercial ones to start from 2020

Fact 9 :  Crusing speed of 2.2 Mach expected in commercial jets

Fact 10 : Last but not the least, cost of one jet is 329 whopping million dollar.

Change the Game 

Changing the game of the high-end professional executives and richie richs of the world, this baby boom surely is a boon to the world economy and for the world leaders. The Game Changer craft boasts about specifications never talked before or seen ever in the present Modern era of the living world.

Boom Supersonic XB-1 is the new trend people are talking about. Travelling at the supersonic speed, do not get annoyed if you see me before you hearing me, because Hello! Life is short, do not waste your time in travelling distances to meet your loved ones !!!


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