New Education Policy – CBSE & 25 Indian States To Hold Board Exams For Classes 5th and 8th

The CBSE is on discussions with the states in context to holding the Board Exams for Class 5 & 8. Know details here.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is keen on bringing about remarkable changes in the education curriculum as well as on the introduction of the new educational policies. An education bill which is expected to be presented in the Monsoon session of the Parliament contains all kinds of changes which are sought by the Ministry as well as the Board.

A lot of changes like the no detention policy applicable to the elementary class, NCERT Syllabus to be cut down to half as well as the conduction of the Board Examinations for Class 5 and 8, are likely to be introduced and a bill regarding the same is supposed to be presented in the upcoming Monsoon Session of the Parliament in the month of July 2018.

CBSE & 25 Indian States To Hold Board Exams For Class 5, 8 

An education bill in order to conduct the Board Examinations for Class 5 and Class 8 in all the government schools is hoping to be passed in the Monsoon Session of the Parliament which is to be held soon. As per the proposed idea, Board Exams will be conducted in all the Government Schools for Class 5 as well as Class 8 beginning from the month of March for the academic session of 2018-2019.

Along with the CBSE Board, out of the total 29 Indian States, 25 of the states have responded well in context to the education system of bringing back of the qualifying Board exams for Classes 5 and 8 as it was held earlier. Conduction of the Board Exams will help the students to take their finals easily and strive for a good performance which shall, in turn, reflect in the overall pass percentage of the students of different classes in Government schools.

Other Changes & Reasons Behind 

Along with the introduction of the Board Exams for Class 5 and Class 8, there are some other changes in education which are being sought. The HRD Ministry had also proposed the concept of the No Detention Policy for the students by providing them with another chance to appear for the exams. This is likely to be applicable in the month of August 2018.

As far as Indian education system is concerned, it has been felt that the overall development of the child is a must so that apart from academics, equal attention is paid to the other activities as well. To reduce the burden on children, the NCERT Syllabus has also been decided to be cut by 50 per cent.


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