New Google Review Policy 2018 | No Negative Reviews Allowed From Former Employees on “Google My Business”

In the new year 2018, Google has made some changes in its review policy. Where new year brings a number of changes in Google, updating the review policy is also a part of it. According to the new policy update, the people cannot publish the negative reviews regarding their old workspace on the ‘Google My Business’ tool. This change has been brought by the Google after analyzing the misuse of the tool by the former employees. Google My Business is basically a tool that is behind the ratings that appear on the screen when you search for a particular business using the search engine.

Google Updates Review Policy of “Google My Business” Tool

According to the Google updated policies, the persons are no more allowed to submit the negative reviews for their former workplaces. This initiative is taken for improving the accuracy of the tool. Google Maps is one of the most reliable sources of information. It was becoming very challenging to manage the ratings with a considerable amount of false ratings. According to the Google policy, every piece of content online is very crucial and is valuable when it comes to rating a business online. Earlier prior to the changes, the employees were allowed to post any kind of reviews for the places you used to work for.

According to the Tech Giants ‘Google’, posting the negative review regarding the company might damage the reputation of the organization and deplete the ranking of the company on Google Maps. As the reviews regarding the company are of personal opinion, and it might be a conflict of interest that might indulge people in submitting negative reviews for an organization.

Google Updates for “Google My Business Tool”

Google keeps improving its tools and with the new year 2018, Google has revised the reviewing policy for the users. Under this new policy, no individual will be allowed to post negative reviews for the current or former organization he or she is working or worked for respectively. This revision of the policy is undertaken to provide best and unbiased ratings of the business organizations in the search engine.

Source – NDTV


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