After Spending Rs. 300 Crore, New ISBT at Mohali (Punjab) Rendered Useless | Here’s Why

New ISBT Mohali (Punjab) which boasts of its latest design, Centrally Air-Conditioned interiors, modern construction and state-of-the-art facilities after spending a whopping INR 300 crores on the aforementioned features has been rendered the tag of being ‘Useless’ by the daily commuters.

With its inauguration that happened in December last year and making it functional for public use March 2017 onwards, the New ISBT Mohali gets a setback and so do the authorities who worked day and night to plan, design and construct the New ISBT Mohali. As daily commuters still preferring the Old Bust stand over the newly constructed AC ISBT Mohali, the step motherly treatment rendered to it is beyond imagination.

About the New ISBT Mohali (Punjab)

The New ISBT Mohali hardly gets any daily commuters boarding bus to various routes via it. Even the bus drivers do not prefer to halt at the New ISBT Mohali for the lack of passengers via it. Still preferring the ‘Old Bus Stand’ of Mohali over the newly built and design classy New ISBT Mohali, daily commuters give step motherly treatment to the latter because of many reasons.

Here are a few cited reasons as to why the New ISBT Mohali is termed as ‘Useless’ by the public.

  • Oddly located New ISBT Mohali poses problem for daily goers
  • Bus drivers do not prefer to take the route via New ISBT Mohali as no passengers board the bus from there
  • Lack of connectivity from various locations to the New ISBT Mohali
  • No local auto rickshaws and buses ply till the New ISBT Mohali
  • Unsafe area and lack of patrolling makes people insecure
  • Auto-rickshaws fleece the public on grounds of charging extra till New ISBT Mohali

New ISBT Mohali vs Old Bus Stand

Though situated at a very prime location in Mohali, Old Bus Stand is preferred only because of its good location with connectivity. So, if one is actually thinking about the ‘Old Bus Stand’ being better than the New ISBT Mohali, then take a look at the below-mentioned points to shoo your doubts away.

  • Bad Parking Area and Poor Sanitation facility in Old Bus Stand Mohali
  • Lack of arrangements for potable drinking water facility
  • Non-functional water coolers installed for drinking water
  • Damaged public property in terms of leaking taps badly maintained
  • Stinking toilets with lack of basic hygienic amenities
  • Insufficient street lightning poses unsafe isolated place at night
  • No cleanliness measures and repair and maintenance carried out

Well, constant reminders and numerable complaints later also, the Old Bust Stand remains the same since ages and till when it shall remain in the same condition of utter ignorance and neglect from the authorities, none knows! Till then, its the adjacent Gurudwara Sahib which takes care of sanitation and drinking water facility for daily commuters from Mohali.

Old or New, the ISBT Mohali needs immediate attention from the authorities and we hope it gets its due soon!

Source : The Tribune

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