New Mahindra Car U321 MPV Spied In Kullu | Mahindra Car’s Price Between Ertiga And Innova

New Mahindra Car codenamed U321 has been spied again under heavy camouflage and this time it looks pretty close to production. The Mahindra Car’s price will be somewhere between the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the Toyota Innova which are the favourites in the Indian car market right now. The new Mahindra MPV car has been teased for a while now and the company is looking to get all guns out to counter the competition. Mahindra is betting on the price of the car to lure the customers into its favour.

New Mahindra Car U321 MPV: Features

The new Mahindra Car is supposed to be an MPV which will give the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Innova a tough time in the Indian car market. Mahindra cars price have been the deciding factor for most of the products which honestly offer the best value for money. The new MPV spied is longer and wider than the Ertiga and comes with a host of premium features than the Maruti counterpart. The new car by Mahindra will also get a brand new 1.6-litre diesel engine sourced from SsangYong.

The car which was pictures at the outskirts of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh also had the interiors under the camouflage including the steering wheel. This indicates towards an all-new steering wheel design with more functions on it. Also a large infotainment display with Android Auto and a few apps is expected keeping in mind the Mahindra car’s price.

The U321 MPV: Mahindra Car’s Price and Launch Date

The new Mahindra Car has been spotted time and again and the vehicle spotted this time looked pretty close to production unit. Mahindra Car’s price is expected to be somewhere between 9-14 lakhs which puts it exactly between the Maruti Ertiga and Toyota Innova. We think with its new car Mahindra is trying to offer better dimensions than the Ertiga hence luring the customer into a roomier cabin. The car is expected to launch early 2018 and Mahindra will try to undercut the price of the Toyota Innova by a huge margin.

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