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For all the ones who admire Chandigarh for its beauty, aura as well as its cleanliness, are sure to have a hard time knowing that the City Beautiful is currently facing a lot of issues in relation to the increasing pollution levels as well as alarmingly increasing chaos on the roads. Tentatively, all this in Chandigarh is a result of the highest per capita ownership of the motor vehicles witnessed within the City. With the ever-increasing number of the cars as well as motor vehicles with a larger chunk of people within Chandigarh, pollution and busy roads are on the rise.

Chandigarh Has Highest Per Capita Ownership of Motor Vehicles 

The recently released State of Environment Report (SoER)-2016, showed as many as 1,050,299 registered vehicles within Chandigarh by December 2015 out of which – 358,000 were four-wheelers, 668,000 were two-wheelers, 4,500 were the registered buses as well as many as 11,000 were other types of vehicles whereas in 2014 were 988,593.

The population recorded as per the Census of 2011 is estimated to be around 1,055,000. Chandigarh is a hub for commercial and similar activities and witnesses a footfall of over 100,000 vehicles on daily basis. The Union Territory has a very high density of the motor vehicles which values up to 114 square km thus leading to an increased rate of the Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter of 94.7 ug/m3.

The City Beautiful Chandigarh is home to numerous factories and industries are playing a major role in deteriorating the air quality in Chandigarh by taking up practices like the illegal burning of dry pollens from the trees and leaves collected from trees and gardens located across the city. Apart from this, anthropological activities too are increasing because of the acts like the burning of agro-residue.

Traffic Problems & Related Measures For Chandigarh 

Though Chandigarh has a dense and a thick cover of trees and greenery around, the increased levels of pollution and traffic on the roads is a matter of great concern which is on the rise over the past decade. The problem is increased when untrained drivers on the road are witnessed and the youth is found driving ruthlessly. Various modes to increase traffic and pollution like cycling and car-pooling should be taken up to bring the problem under control.


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