New Punjab Govt. Arrests 485 Drug Peddlers & The War in On

The Congress government in Punjab has yet again shown their abilities and what all they are capable of. Since March 2016, 485 drugs peddlers and traders have been arrested. 622.555 kg of poppy husk, 3.945 kg of heroin have been recovered in Punjab and 387 cases have been registered under the NDPS Act. Drug issues have been one of the major issues in Punjab and Congress government has ordered a multi-agency crackdown since they came into power in Punjab.

Wiping Out Drugs From Punjab

Anti-Narcotics Cell units, SHO level teams have started their busting drug peddlers and they expect to wipe out drugs from Punjab in 4 weeks.

485 drug peddlers have been busted and 387 cases have been registered under the NDPS Act.

State Special Operations (SSOP) and Civil Administration have also started supporting the anti-drug campaign which as a result has led to major drugs seizures across Punjab.

The Chief Minister of Punjab has ordered the state agencies to coordinate with Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and the Customs Department. The state agencies will coordinate with them and will catch hold of all the drug smugglers. STF (Special Task Force) has also been set up and a focused drive has been launched against drugs, mainly “Chitta” (heroin, synthetic/ pharmaceutical drugs).

Drugs, A Lot Of Drugs

Between March 16 and March 27 – 3.945 kgs of heroin was recovered by BSF during raids.

Some other drugs were also seized during this period like poppy husk 622.555 kgs of “poppy husk”, 0.528 kgs of “smack”, 2.22 kgs of “charas”, 24.39 kgs of “opium”, 1.879 kgs of “bhang” and ‘65.6 kgs of “ganja”.

133 “bottles of syrup”, 1075 “injections” and 90,993 “capsules” packed with drugs and also 11.224 kg of “Intoxicant Powder” were also seized by the special teams.

Around 63 cases have been registered in Jalandhar Rural district. 7.25 kgs of “opium”, 1 kg of “heroin” was also recovered by BSF in Jalandhar.

Before the elections, the Congress government had promised that they wipe out drugs from Punjab if they form a government within 4 weeks. The Congress Government in Punjab is sticking to their promise and are working efficiently.

We hope Punjab becomes “A Drug-Free State” under Captain Amarinder Singh’s government.

Source: Economic Times


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