New Suzuki Swift Hybrid Offers 32 Kmpl | Check Launch date in India & More Here

The 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid has been unveiled and it offers 32 Kmpl. After the launch of New Suzuki Swift Dezire in India, most of the car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the New Maruti Suzuki Swift 2017 (Hatchback) to hit the Indian market. Since the launch of the Maruti Suzuki Swift in India it has remained Maruti Suzuki’s one of the best selling cars in India and after more than a decade of its launch, it is still in the list of top 5 selling cars in India.

The new Maruti Suzuki Swift 2017 (Hatchback) was already increasing curiosity in the country which has been further propelled by the unveiling of the 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid that yields 32 Kmpl.

The new 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid

The new 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid which was recently unveiled in Japan yields 32 kmpl mileage. In addition to the 1.2-litre petrol engine the Suzuki Swift Hybrid yields 32 kmpl mileage with the help of an electric motor that it uses along with the petrol engine. The engine has been paired

The engine has been paired with a 5-speed AMT unit that helps in yielding this unmatchable mileage in the segment. This mileage is indeed exceptional and is all possible because of the hybrid technology that has been used in the new 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid.

Specifications of the new 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid

Suzuki Motor Corporation unveiled the new Suzuki Swift Hybrid in Japan that supports a hybrid drive system. As per reports, the new Suzuki Swift Hybrid will be come in two variants. The variants of the new Suzuki Swift Hybrid will be the Swift Hybrid SL and Swift Hybrid SG. The Suzuki Swift Hybrid will bear the same specifications on the interior as well as the exterior of the Maruti Suzuki Swift (Hatchback) but the technology under the hood will make the new Suzuki Swift Hybrid different. The 1.2-litre petrol engine remains same that powers the Swift Hybrid and churns out 89 bhp. The petrol engine has been mated to a 10 kW electric motor generator that sends power only to the front wheels. 

Host of new technologies

Besides the hybrid engine that the new Suzuki Swift gets it will also come equipped with a host of technical upgrades that makes this hatchback different from its competitors in the segment. The hatchback will come loaded with a technical sensor that will easily detect low road conditions. Once the sensor detects the road condition it will shut the petrol engine off and will run on electric power alone. This will happen only for a limited distance and when coasting.

Launch in India of Suzuki Swift 2017

As per reports, Maruti Suzuki has refrained from introducing the Suzuki Swift Hybrid in India. One of the major reasons for the hitch is that after the GST roll out hybrid cars have become costlier. Under the GST norms, 43 per cent tax will be levied on hybrid cars and this will certainly make the high pricing and expensive technology backing Suzuki Swift Hybrid more costlier for the Indian consumers. Nevertheless, the much awaited new generation Suzuki Swift (Hatchback) is slated to make its Indian debut at the 2018 Auto Expo.

Source: NDTV Auto


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