New Vehicles in Chandigarh Will Now Be Registered at Dealers End

Chandigarh: In an immense relief for vehicle proprietors, Chandigarh administration will permit registration of vehicles at the dealer’s end from May 15. There are almost 50 vehicle agencies in the city that will be permitted to give temporary registration certificate (RC) on the day of purchase of both bikes and four-wheelers.

Process of getting Vehicle Registration at Dealers End

According to the new system, before applying for the registration of the vehicles, the dealer from where the vehicle is purchased will have to click a photograph of the vehicle along with the owner and the chassis number of the vehicle. After clicking the photos, the photos need to send to the RLA office.

After the whole process, The RC will be delivered to the vehicle owner house within two weeks. In case if the owner of the new vehicle owner wants to check the status, then he/she can check it on the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA) website at

Buyers Will Get Provisional Registration Certificate (RC) on the Spot

When a new vehicle is bought, the vehicle agency will have to click a photo of the vehicle along with owner and the chassis number. After that, it has to be uploaded to the software which will be provided by the RLA office. After that, the auto dealer will show the list of registration number to the owner of the vehicle from which the owner will have to choose a number. This list will not have fancy number.

After the whole process, the agency will give a provisional registration certificate to the owner of the vehicle on the spot. This temporary or provisional RC will be valid for a month. Currently, the registration of new vehicles in the city is done in the office of RLA in Sector 17 and the in the office of SDM in Sector 42 and in the industrial area.

Getting Vehicle RC Will Become Easier

According to the Chandigarh Registering & Licensing Authority Rakesh Kumar, The Automobile authorities in Chandigarh have been informed about the registration and hopefully, from May 15, the registration of vehicles will be done at dealer’s end. This move of Chandigarh Administration will save vehicle owners from the hassle of moving here & there for getting the vehicle RC.

President of Federation of Chandigarh Region Automobile Dealers, Barinder Saruja said that this move will bring a big relief to the residents of the city and also increase the transparency. Registering and Licensing authority will provide a software to the dealers where dealers will have to enter the details of the newly bought vehicle.



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