Sector 17 Chandigarh comes alive on New Year eve 2015

As Chandigarh welcomed New Year 2015, it was the lost charm of Sector 17 which came alive on this New Year eve at midnight. Groups of youngsters were heard hooting “Happy New Year Chandigarh” in a synchronized tone at exact 12 midnight. Many groups of youngsters (boys and girls both) were seen roaming at Sector 17 Plaza – the open mall of Chandigarh with balloons and candies in hand waiting for the New year to ring in.

After the opening of Elante in Industrial Area, Sector 17 has seen a decline in footfall. But on this New Year eve, it was nice to see a crowded Sector 17. Everyone seemed very energetic. Youngsters braved the cold and were seen carrying mouth hooters. Men selling balloons and candies at Sector 17 did a good business selling their stuff to these enthusiastic youngsters.

The Police Effect: New Year at Sector 17 Chandigarh

Police disperses crowd of boys at Sector 17 Chandigarh on New Year eve 2015

Although the crowd at Sector 17 could be easily seen everywhere, but the Musical Fountain was the main area where hundreds of youngsters had gathered. Chandigarh Police personal were present at Sector 17 and were trying to disperse the crowd. Many times they had to run after people with lathis in hand.

But at the end, it was a peaceful New Year throughout Chandigarh. Police was only trying to control those who were creating a nuisance in public. Some boys were drunk and were hooting or commenting at other groups.

Image Credits: S. Chandan, (Chandigarh Tribune)

Musical Fountain, Laser Show mark New Year celebrations in Chandigarh

The musical fountain at Sector 17 was the main attraction yesterday as people in large number had gathered around it to welcome the New Year 2015. A special laser show was organised to ring in the New Year at Chandigarh. People were seen in a jubilant mood as every group was getting themselves clicked.

By seeing the crowd at Sector 17 Chandigarh on this New Year eve, it seemed as if the plaza has suddenly come alive. No mater how many new malls come to Chandigarh, Sector 17 will always regain its pride.


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