Night Clubs in Chandigarh to have female bouncers

After a few incidents of women indulging in quarrels outside discs in Chandigarh, the Chandigarh Administration has directed all discotheque owners to recruit female bouncers to handle such situations. Night life in Chandigarh is picking up at a fast pace. New night clubs are coming to Chandigarh and the existing ones are completely packed up especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is a good sign as far as development of Chandigarh as a metro city is concerned but things go wrong when youngsters indulge in quarrels, fights, shooting incidents and the more common – drink and drive. Chandigarh administration has done a lot to curb such incidents and this step to recruit female bouncers will surly be helpful.

Women incidents outside Chandigarh night clubs

Women often drink during these night parties and that is when small quarrels lead to major fights. Here are a few incidents from the recent past which led the Chandigarh Govt. to take this step.

  • A group of youngsters including girls entered into a heated argument with bouncers to enter the disc premises. This happened outside a disc in Sector 17.
  • Two girls who were drunk created a mess outside a night club in sector 26. They even broke the window pane of a car parked over there. One of these girls was identified as Navi Brar who was arrested by the police.
  • Again a high drama was witnessed when a group of youngsters fought with another group outside a famous disc in Sector 26. A girl who was drunk wounded a boy by hitting him with a brick. They were also arrested and sent to judicial custody.
  • There are many such incidents which can be listed.

Why female bouncers are required at discs in Chandigarh?

Female bouncers stand guard inside a night club in Chandigarh

Discs in Chandigarh have proper licence and serve liquor on their premises. Chandigarh being a young modern city is growing at a fast pace and night life is becoming more popular day by day. Every disc has male bouncers to stop nuisance and these bouncers can literally throw a person outside the disc. The problem arises when women drink and indulge in scuffles. To stop these women from creating nuisance, female bouncers are a must for every disc in Chandigarh.

No doubt, this is a very good initiative. Presence of female bouncers at discs in Chandigarh will make city’s night life safer and more enjoyable.

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