Chandigarh Night Clubs: No Entry Without ID-Card, Discos to close at Midnight

Chandigarh Administration has drafted a new policy for night life in Chandigarh covering Night clubs, discos, bars and other public amusement places. According to this new policy, anyone going to a disco in Chandigarh has to carry a valid photo ID card issued by a Govt. authority. I-Card has been made compulsory as Chandigarh Govt. wants the each disco situated in Chandigarh to keep a proper record of each person entering the night club.

New Policy for visiting a Night Club (Disco) in Chandigarh:

Some changes in the policy issued for night clubs, disco and bars in Chandigarh include:

  • 7171535821Each night club to have a good quality CCTV at the entrance and at prominent places within the disco.
  • Night clubs in Chandigarh to be open only till midnight i.e. till 12:00 AM.
  • Liquor will not be served to anyone who is below the age of 25 years.
  • Each disco in Chandigarh has been asked to keep male and female bouncers who are registered with Chandigarh Police.
  • Night Club management to keep a record of each person entering the disco premises with the help of Govt. issued ID-cards.
  • The closing time for all discos in Chandigarh has been reduced till midnight and no night club will be allowed to host guests for any kind of party beyond 12:00 AM.
  • Each night club located within Chandigarh to have a special smoking room with proper ventilation.
  • Emergency numbers like that of nearby police station etc. shall be displayed within the disco.
  • Contact numbers of cabs, taxi operators shall also be displayed within night club premises for Chandigarh residents visiting the disc.
  • No arms will be allowed inside a bar, night club or disco in the city of Chandigarh, even if a person carries a valid arms and ammunition licence.
  • All staff members of the disco to wear proper identity cards while on duty.

Chandigarh Administration will be forming a special police team who would be responsible to check all the above mentioned points in all night clubs of the city. Chandigarh has a total of 79 bars and 10 discotheques. The new policy also states that Chandigarh Administration can deny a new licence for night club or bar without providing a reason to the applicant.

All these changes are for the betterment of Chandigarhians in order to make Chandigarh a safe city. There have been a lot of cases of gun shots, quarrels and even deaths outside discos of Chandigarh. This new policy will help curb all such incidents and let Chandigarh people enjoy night life in the city. However, the new policy will come into effect from February 2016.


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