5 Places in Chandigarh for Street Food & Snacks That Are Open Throughout The Night

Chandigarh has the largest number of students and out stationed bachelors who are working here and putting up in PGs. They mainly survive on tiffins / dabbas, food served in their college or office canteen or the junk food that are readily available across the city beautiful.

But do you know that what comes handy when they feel hungry during the night? It is the late night street food addas that save the souls of these homesick students and office going bachelors.

Night Food Options in Chandigarh

If you are fond of night-outs and want to know some spots where you can get snacks and food all night in Chandigarh, then this post is for you.

Sector 11

Sector 11 is one of the posh areas of Chandigarh that is in closer proximity to all the major colleges of the city. Maybe that is the reason why there are so many students staying in PGs or in a rented accommodation. For all those students who don’t know how to cook themselves and suffers through late night hunger pangs frequently then go to the inner market of Chandigarh’s sector 11 and binge on piping hot stuffed parantha, soupy maggie, bread & omelet and tea. Go anytime after 10 pm and you will find young crowd thronging to this street food place where food is available during night in Chandigarh.

Night Food Street, Sector 14

Night Food Street is the official eatery or a street style food court where tikkas, pakodas, parathas, north Indian and Chinese food is available throughout the night in Chandigarh. This eating joint is close to Punjab University campus, PGIMER, Government Hospital of Sector 16 and sector 15 that has the main rush of students, working men and women, patients and their attendants who come from far off places for the treatment. The best part of this place is, you can eat quality servings of food including 4 tandoori rotis with a bowl full of dal at just Rs 20.

Sector 22

Other than mobiles and electronic market, sector  22 is a hub of PG dwellers. The students of various colleges and single working people love this sector because of proximity to sector 17 Plaza market, ISBT, the flea market of sector 22, 24 hours operational Aroma Eating House, and the street food that is available during the night in Chandigarh. Nothing fancy, but the basic stuffed parantha with dal, pickle or curd, bread pakodas, bread omelet and soups are something here to die for. No sophisticated cutlery is served but the food you get here simply makes you lick your fingers.

ISBT, Sector 17 

ISBT of sector 17, Chandigarh witnesses great number of passengers coming from far off place every now and then. That is the reason why ISBT sector 17 has so many street food options including parantha, bread omelet, Kulche chane available during night. Chandigarh people who are looking out for eating options in the wee hours can surely visit this place and if you are lucky enough, you may even get to eat chowmein, chana bhatura and burgers too.

ISBT, Sector 43 

Chandigarh’s ISBT sector 43 is another option to have street styled food which is available throughout day and night. Its food court is the best place to have north India, Chinese, snacks like samosa, pakoda, burgers, sandwiches and paranthas during midnights. The fquality and the quantity of the food served here is quite good and it comes at very economical prices.

Go and check out these places where street food is available during the night in Chandigarh and satiate your midnight hunger pangs which come uninvited.

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