Nithari Killing: Mohinder Singh Pandher & Surinder Koli Served With Death Sentence

The Nithari killing accused, Noida-based businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and Surinder Koli, his domestic help were given death sentence by the CBI Court. The two who are convicted in the Nithari rape and killing of women and children in the year 2006 are sentenced to death in a case of kidnapping, raping and murdering a 20-year-old Pinky Sarkar.

Nithari killing case; convicts sentenced to death

The CBI court has sentenced both Moninder Singh Pandher and Surinder Koli with the death penalty in the case of Nithari killing calling it the ‘rarest of the rare’ category. Both the convicts are upheld for abducting Pinky Sarkar, a 20-year-old girl from Nithari, Noida in the year 2006 and are found guilty of raping her and killing her on July 22.

Surinder Kohli had abducted Pinki Sarkar just outside the house of Mohinder Singh Pandher while Pinky was returning back from work. Surinder Koli first lured Pinki and then took her inside Mohinder Singh Pandher’s house and raped her. After committing suicide, Surinder Koli beheaded Pinki and drained her head and clothes in the rear of the house.

When Pinki did not return home, her parents lodged a FIR and then the investigation into the Nithari serial killings kicked off. The DNA profiling of half decomposed bodies found in and around Mohinder Singh Pandher identified not only Pinky and many over dozen others who got raped and killed in the Nithari case. After the Noida Police investigated more into the case they found skeletal and skulls of 16 people including children and women of Nithari village in Noida.

More details in the Nithari Killing case

Mohinder Singh Pandher who is convicted of committing Nithari crime is now planning to appeal against his conviction in a higher court as he denies to be guilty in the Pinky Sarkar case. Pinky Sarkar’s is the eighth case out of the 16 Nithari killing of Noida. This is the sixth death sentence of Surinder Koli out of the 16 cases filed against him.

Nithari Killing is one of the gruesome and barbaric incidents in the history of India that had given chills to all who got to know about the case. It was among those high profile cases in the country that was handed over to the CBI for investigation. Today, a decade later to the incident, the convicts have been punished for their misdeeds while the parents of the Nithari case victims feels to have got justice by the law.



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