11 Valuable Things That ‘No Cash November’ Taught Chandigarh Residents

A smart move by Modi Govt, Demonetization forced us to explore what a cash free life would be like. Here are a few pointers that can summarise what a Chandigarhian must have gone through during the month of November (After 8th November to be precise).

Actually a No Shave November

With a ban on old currency notes of Rs. 500 & 1000, jawans of Chandigarh got an excuse for not shaving/trimming their beard. With no cash in hand, salons started discount offers but people were seen excusing the over- growing beard.

‘Sab Moh Maya Hai’


Higher denomination currency notes holding no value from 8th November 16,  paper money, all of a sudden, lost all value. Big notes became obsolete. Wallet filled with Rs.500 & 1000 notes virtually became empty. People had sleepless nights not knowing how to live without money thereby realizing the dependency on money for happiness.

Learnt all About Demonetization

With old currency notes becoming defunct, Indian society actually understood the meaning of ‘Demonetization’. Every news channel coined its own definition and people in Chandigarh were seen explaining the technicalities of demonetization. With grandparents to school kids, everybody has added a new word in their dictionary and it is demonetization.

Na Baap Bada Na Bhaiya, Sabse Bada Rupaiya

11th November 16 saw the entire nation queuing outside banks to get their money deposited/exchanged. Be it a chaiwala, a rickshaw puller or a Merc owner, one individual from every household in Chandigarh was seen standing in long queues for hours to get the new notes. Snd mind you, for the first time there was no discrimination. Everyone was rated equally, there was no discrimination and the limit set by Modi Ji was same for each and everyone.  

Cashless November taught Punjabi Gabrus meaning of Patience

Journey towards making India a plastic country, demonetization taught everybody the real meaning of patience. Standing in long queues for hours and hours and coming next day to get the money changed was a sight seen and experienced every day. People were seen cooperating with each other and there was no partiality or preferences that was encountered by the population of Chandigarh.

‘Paisa Haath Ki Mael Hai’

g139101985874167896Before the big step, money was seen floating over. Be it shops, restaurants, salons or any place, people had the buying power and considered themselves superior. But demonetization has brought all the classes on the same level. Be it a low income individual or a businessman, everybody stands on the same platform desperately waiting to get the notes exchanged.

Basic Needs became Necessities

Every household felt a cringe due to demonetization. Departmental stores recorded the highest credit balance the day our PM announced demonetization. Basic needs like bread, eggs, milk and vegetables; their value was understood. Basic goods were purchased from the kirane ki dukaan where you have a monthly account to ensure kids were fed well.

Technology is the Future

Technologically handicapped have no place in our country. With demonetization, internet and its usage has become extremely important. From the sabzi wala bhaiya to the chai wali dukaan, everybody has Paytm option so that customers don’t stop buying goods. Now grandparents and mummys will have to learn how to use online banking facilities in order to survive in this cashless society.

Importance of Tax in India

Last one and the most important one, if people were honestly doing their duty and paying taxes on time, then this wouldn’t have happened.  As a law abiding system, one should pay their taxes duly so that the country can progress on the desired rate and nobody faces the cringe.

Biwi / GF ki Savings

My dad surely got to know about my mother’s extra savings. All the kitty party aunties had to show the hidden money to their husbands as the old notes hold no value and need to be exchanged before 31st December 2016. Young girls who had some savings had to disclose it to their boyfriends and request them to get it deposited.

So, how many of these 11 things did you experience?


Sakshi Sood

A post graduate in philosophy from Delhi University, Sakshi is a prolific writer. She is an avid reader with keen interest in traveling to places and exploring the untouched terrains. She has worked with Info Edge and taught primary school kids in Shimla. She loves to interact with people and write about their dreams, visions and idea.
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