No Coaching Classes before 2:00 PM in Chandigarh | Section 144 Imposed

If you are a parent, a student or a teacher, then be informed that Chandigarh DC has passed strict orders that no private coaching institute in Chandigarh can provide training to school students during school hours. It needs to be stated that many coaching institutes in Chandigarh offer their classes during school hours which was actually making students take dummy admissions in schools.

Moreover, in order to make the decision actually effective, Ajit Balaji Joshi, Chandigarh DC has imposed section 144 of the criminal procedure code. This means that anyone found disobeying the orders will be dealt with strict legal punishment.

Why this action has been taken:

The main aim of this action is to check the dummy admissions in government as well as private schools in Chandigarh. It has been found that many coaching centers have tie ups with different schools. The school authorities allow their students to attend the coaching classes for preparation of competitive exams during the school hours and mark fake attendance. As per CBSE rules, 75% school attendance is required for students to appear in exams. Hence, schools show the required attendance and even charge students extra for this methodology.

Which coaching institutes have been covered?

All institutes providing any kind of coaching to students of class

8th, 9th, 10th.

11th & 12th.

While this generally does not happen during 8th, 9th and 10th classes but dummy admissions are quite common during 11th and 12th classes.

However, the students who have already appeared for their exams and are on their summer vacations have been exempted.

Balance between Schooling & Private Coaching

A fact is that even parents back the decision of taking dummy admission in a school and attend private coaching classes to fetch marks and get a good rank. But, according to the education department officials, students are treated as customers. The coaching centers are only concerned about their business & profits.

Another add on is that many such institutes have overcrowded classes. There are about 150- 200 students in one room. While the Chandigarh Administration is not against coaching institutes, but what needs to be done is strike a balance between schooling and private coaching. Banning institutes to take classes during school hours was the best way possible.

Section 144 has been imposed for 60 days which will probably be extended. Chandigarh DC told HT that the education department will conduct inspections in schools and find out if there are any dummy admissions. A strict action will be taken.

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