No Minimum Pay Hike Under 7th Pay Commission | Rumors or Reality?

It is no new news that 7th Pay commission’s recommendations of increasing the minimum pay of the central government employees are under process. There has been a huge confusion among all the central government employees of different departments regarding the decision of the government. Where last two months government has been continuously promising the employees to raise the fitment factor and salaries as per the recommendation there, the news of no minimum pay hike under 7th pay commission has been floating since last month.

On the recommendation of 7th pay commission to increase the minimum salaries of CG employees from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 21,000 Mr. Arun Jaitley the Finance Minister of the country promised to ensure its implementation by the beginning of next year. It was not a few months back that the government was giving a promising light of hope to the central government employees.

The Fluctuation of Words of Government  Towards  7th Pay Commission Recommendation

Since the matter of minimum pay-hike has been put forth the finance department of the company, the department has been fluctuating the decisions. This has been observed that the finance department headed by the Finance Minister MR. Arun Jaitley is not able to stick to their words regarding the recommendations put ahead of them by 7th Pay commission.

Earlier before a month or two, the government was promising the employees to pass the order of implementation of the increment of minimum pay by next year and now the news is floating around that there might be no minimum pay hike under 7th Pay commission. This fluctuation in the words coming from the Finance department of the country has been putting all the employees into a fix.

No Minimum Pay Hike Under 7th Pay Commission A rumor? 

After so much of debate and discussions, the government has put all the employees of central government into the state of confusion. With the fluctuating verdicts and no real authentication of those verdicts, the employees are turning their disappointment into anger. Where many news sources that are claiming that the word has been heard that there is not going to be any increment in the pay matrix as per the recommendations of 7th Pay commission there, some of the media reports suggest that this is false news and the government is still processing the employee’s request. This confusion still persists as there is no final decision that is officially announced by the government.

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