No More 4-Wheeler Allowed in PU (Chandigarh) Hostel | Vehicles to be Towed Away

Panjab University located in Chandigarh has decided to ban 4-wheelers outside boys hostel. Recently, PU officials have decided in a meeting and issued a notification for the ban of 4-wheelers parking in front Boys hostel campus. Although violators have been given time till 15 February 2019 to get their 4-wheelers out from the place.

PU officials have claimed that many unclaimed 4-wheelers have been parked near a boys hostel campus. Now PU has decided to tow them out of the campus. Also, check out the tow-away zone nearby Panjab University, Chandigarh campus below.

PU Chandigarh to ban 4- wheeler inside the Boys Hostel Campus

Panjab Univerisity (Chandigarh) recently held a meeting and decided the removal of unclaimed 4-wheelers in front of the campus. According to the recent reports, PU will hold the drive of towing away the 4-wheelers from 15 February 2019 onwards. Till the time, students councils and PU officials will get volunteers to aware students regarding the vehicle ban in the campus. Many residents use to park their 4-wheeler in front of PU boys hostel despite the warning of the warden.

Now PU has all set to rein the same for the sake of students security. Whereas for the perfect implementation of the plan, PU will allow volunteers on the field. Although earlier it was decided to be carried in a phased manner, but now it has been decided to be implemented for 15 days and then the problem will be identified.

Check out the tow away zone at Panjab University Chandigarh

Along with the ban of 4-wheeler in the PU (Chandigarh) boys hostel, University will also have tow away zone. Here are the tow away zones- Road in front of PU Boys hostel 1 to 3, Gate no1 of Pu to Parade Ground, Road in front of Boys hostel 4 to 5, Cricket Ground to Ankur School, College Bhawan to Sports hostel and Road in front of PU Boys hostel 6 and 7.

Also, it has been planned to have ‘tow-away’ signboards near the tow away zone. Soon, PU will totally ban the 4-wheeler inside the campus, as of now, students and residents have been given the time till 15 February.


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