Administration Bans Weddings & Functions At Rock Garden Chandigarh | Here’s Why

Chandigarh Administration has forbidden the organization of wedding events at the Rock Garden Chandigarh completely in a move to protect the heritage property for the coming future. The motion has been passed taking in consideration the residual mess that is left afterwards when a wedding event takes place. Garbage is left unattended for so many days after the event which mars the beauty and perfection of Rock Garden. Right now, the administration would allow only those weddings at the site that had already been paid for.

Weddings & Rock Garden Chandigarh

Whenever there are wedding ceremonies at the Rock Garden a lot of mess is created by the tent workers, caterers and the people who come to attend the wedding. The Home Secretary Anurag Aggarwal has informed that though they have provided the third phase of the garden for holding weddings, the caterers can be seen preparing meal and peeling vegetable right in the middle of the area.

The wedding bookings are done at a price of Rs 70,000 at Rock Garden out of what Rs 10,000 is refundable. The tourists who come to visit the famous heritage site from different places of the world are unable to see the third phase of the garden because of the wedding events. The home secretary has said that no new bookings will be made anymore and only the lined up events would be permitted.

Prohibition Of Weddings at Rock Garden

With the banning up of the wedding events at the beauty and cleanliness of the Rock Garden will also be restored. The Chandigarh Administration was receiving number of complaints by the people visiting the area regarding the stashed waste. Since the Rock Garden has been listed among the top world heritage properties it is important for the Chandigarh authorities to maintain its attractiveness in the present and for the future.

The revenue collection of the Rock Garden Society will be affected in big way with the interdiction of weddings at the site which was its only source of earning. But the move was really important for the upkeep of the Nek Chand’s remarkable creation and keep the inflow of national and international tourists at the garden.

Source: IndianExpress


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