No Music While Serving Liquor In Open At Panchkula


Panchkula people who love enjoying liquor with some music will not be able to enjoy liquor with music and musical performances anymore. Everyone has a different (Liquor-Music) taste, some people love listening to sufi and slow music while having alcohol whereas some people love listening to pop and rock.There are a lot of rooftop bars and hotels in Panchkula serving liquor. People of Panchkula would definitely feel disappointed after knowing that they would not be able to enjoy music while having alcohol.

Haryana’s finance minister announced that bars and restaurants are allowed to serve liquor.The excise department has announced that liquor will not be served in open areas like rooftops which would ban the playing of music! All the instructions and new rules have been informed to 29 hotels, bars and restaurants in Panchkula.

New Restrictions

As per the new restrictions released by the excise department:

  • There should not be a water pool of more than 2-feet depth and the open space should not have a direct access or an opening on the main road.
  • The area should also be surrounded by a four wall with a proper provision for entry and exit.
  • For the safety of all drunk people, all the open spaces should have a 6-ft wall so that the person doesn’t fall down by accident.
  • No Music and musical performance will be allowed in the open spaces.
  • To avoid inconvenience for all the residents, no open spaces are allowed in the residential area.

As per sources, additional measures will be taken if the open space is visible from other nearby high places. The L-4 and L-5 licences should ensure that the people sitting in the open space do not cause disturbance to the outsiders by throwing articles.

The L-4 and L-5 licensee will not be allowed more than one open space. In the case of an additional point in open space, the open space’s map should be personally certified by the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner.

Looking at all the new restrictions by the excise department, it is better to enjoy both music and liquor at your home’s rooftop.


Tushar Pasrija

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