No Vendors Will Be Allowed At Sector 17 Plaza From 1st April.

SECTOR-17 Chandigarh to become a No-Vending Zone!

Sector-17 Chandigarh is one of the most happening sectors of Chandigarh. Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has declared that Sector-17 Chandigarh will be a no-vending zone from 1st April 2017. From 1st April, no vendors will be allowed to sit in open spaces in Sector-17 Chandigarh.

Who All Have The Permission

Temporary licenses will be issued by march-end to all the street vendors at Sector-17,19,22 and 35. More than 200 vendors operate in the Plaza on the weekends. However, only the mobile vendors have the permission to operate in that area. Leaving apart the Plaza that comprises of Sector-17D and Sector-17E, Vendors operating from corridors, the vendors sitting in front of the government offices or spaces lying vacant have the permission to operate.

To avoid inconvenience to the pedestrians, the cobblers sitting near the Neelam cinema will only be allowed to sit in the open spaces. The licenses to vendors for operating will be issued under The Street Vendors Act, 2014.

Vendors In Different Sectors Of Chandigarh

The number of vendors in these 4 sectors of Chandigarh:

  • Sector 22 – 1800
  • Sector 17 – 1000
  • Sector 19 – 650
  • Sector 35 – 250

Vendors Will Have To Pay

As per the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, the vendors will have to pay a vending fee every month. The vending fee for providing non-essential services is Rs. 2000.

There will be a vending fee of Rs.1500 for providing essential services such a tea stall, barber shop, cycle repair shop etc.

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has proposed two categories of vendors:

  • Service Providers
  • NonService Providers

The vending fee of the above vendors will vary according to the area.

Orders By UT Administration 

The vendors will not be allowed to operate from the parking lots. The vendors can operate from the vacant spaces until the UT Administration issues any notification on The Vendors Act.

Temporary licenses will be issued to the vendors from 27th March 2017. Temporary licenses will be issued until the Municipal Corporation’s town vending committee does not get a final approval of the proposal from the UT Chief Architect.

Image: Hindustan Times


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