CM Yogi to Make Noida Overtake Gurugram (Gurgaon) in Development | Here are 15 Things That He Wants

Noida grabs CM Yogi’s attention who aims to develop the Noida city of Delhi NCR in such a way that it beats Gurugram (Gurgaon), also a part of National Capital Region of Delhi. In a 6-hour long meeting conducted by newly elected UP Chief Minister in Lucknow,  Yogi Adityanath has put forth his vision of developing Noida on the footsteps of Gurugram in a manner that even Gurugram is overtaken by Noida city.

Areas of Development in Noida

Following the footsteps of urbanisation and industrialisation trends of Gurugram, Noida City now has to be developed to surpass its inspiration. Taking effective steps in aiding no discrimination in the power supply in rural and urban sectors of the city, Noida is enjoying the entire attention of ministry and the CM Yogi himself to boost up its economy. Gurugram over Noida enjoys the monopoly of having maximum job opportunities of the region thereby attracting infiltration of job seekers from pan India leading to its further development as the demand rises. The vicious circle of development never ends and just like Delhi, Gurugram, unlike Noida, is now overstocked with people, goods, markets, malls and commercial spaces.

Development Agendas

Aiming to achieve all round development in various sectors in a late night meeting, CM Yogi strives to take Noida city to the heights that no other city has ever witnessed under any leadership. Here’s a list of areas where the CM Yogi focuses the most on as a part of his plan.

  1. The announcement of Second International Airport of Delhi in Noida, Jewar Airport on Yamuna Expressway.
  2. Bringing in Economic Prosperity in the region, more than Gurugram (Gurgaon).
  3. Providing conducive business opportunities in Noida to entrepreneurs small or big
  4. Noida to get dedicated Police department of its own, as that of Gurugram’s
  5. 24-hour quality water supply to Noida residents
  6. Develop Noida as a ‘No power-cut’ zone
  7. Multi Super-speciality hospital to come up in Noida
  8. Single window clearance system for setting up businesses in Noida
  9. Noida to have Corruption free, Transparent and Accountable system
  10. Infrastructural development in Noida similar to that of Gurgaon’s
  11. Introduction of transfer facility for junior staff to make Noida corruption free
  12. Noida’s leasehold land into freehold, move by RWA federation
  13. Industrialisation of Noida city on footsteps of Gurugram
  14. Enhanced Safety for Noida citizens
  15. Expansion of Agra airport also on Agenda

Noida Vs Gurugram (Gurgaon) – The Battle is ON !

Enjoying close proximity to National Capital-Delhi, Noida could serve a great purpose of reducing Delhi’s population and resource pressure which symbiotically could result in the overall development of Noida city as well. Taking up every sector be it industrial for business set up or for job creation opportunities for its youth, Noida is now under scrutiny and direct eyes of the CM who demanded reports from various departments of the state for its past developments and discuss future development plans.

Measures are being well planned to be executed in such a way that Noida simply stays ahead of Gurugram when it comes to development. Treating Gurugram as its inspiration as well as a competitor at the same time, Noida is marching forth holding the flag of development in its hands under the able leadership and vision of CM Yogi. Let us see what the next gen of working population like, Noida or Gurugram ???

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