Nokia 3310 4G VoLTE Might Launch In India To Take On Jio Phone | Check Details

If the Nokia 3310 4G does launch in India, pricing the feature phone competitively is going to be quite a task for HMD

Nokia 3310 4G VoLTE is a reality now and was recently launched in China. The legendary Nokia feature phone that has been the ‘perfect meme material’ courtesy its strong build quality made its comeback with a coloured screen and 2G internet connectivity a while ago in countries like India. The Nokia 3310 got another update in October with 3G compatibility but it was never launched in India where even feature phones were coming with 4G. That might change this time around though as there is a huge market for Nokia’s 4G VoLTE feature phones in India.

Nokia 3310 4G VoLTE: Features Of The Nokia Feature Phone

Nokia 3310 4G comes with a feeble 256MB of RAM and 512MB of internal storage. Like any other Nokia feature phone, the battery remains to be one of the highlights of the device. It gets a 1200mAh battery claiming 12 days of standby time compared to the 30 days on the older version. Nokia has also added the functionality of WIFI Hotspot to the 3310 4G feature phone which lets you connect other devices to the phones network.

Most of the feature phones have started offering applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Lite out of the box which are also the most used ones in a country like India. The Nokia 3310 4G runs Yun OS which is an operating system built on Android by the Alibaba group. We kind of wished the new Nokia feature phone could come with Android Go which would have opened the possibility of installing more apps from the Play Store itself.

Nokia Should Price The 3310 4G Feature Phone In India Competitively

The 2G variant of the Nokia 3310 sells in India for more than 3,200 Rupees which is pretty steep for a feature phone. The Nokia feature phone sells only due to the nostalgia that the 3310 brings along and hardly makes a good deal for that kind of money. The JIO phone that Reliance sells comes at a price tag of 1,500 Rupees that too gets returned to you in the form of cash back after a set of period of time.

To keep the phone relevant, Nokia 3310 4G needs to come at a price point closer to that of the Reliance JIO phone and that is going to be a real challenge for HMD.


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