Nokia 8 Finally Has A Successor Nokia 9 | India Launch In February?

Nokia 8 has done wonders for HMD and if rumours are believed it is all set to launch the Nokia 9 in India by sometime early next year. Nokia 8 may not have been the most advanced phone of 2017, the competitive price tag of 36,999 Rupees definitely bought in a lot of customers who were looking elsewhere. But all wrong with the Nokia 8 is bound to change with the Nokia 9 which ticks all the boxes of a premium flagship device in today’s times in India.

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What Does The Nokia 8 Successor Nokia 9 Get?

According to sources, the Nokia 9 will get a bezel-less design which was missing from the Nokia 8 that did well in India nonetheless. There is no home button on the front and the top and bottom chins are practically non-existent which increase the screen to body ratio in line with today’s standards. The Nokia 9 also makes things interesting in terms of displaying something that has been only Samsung and LG’s forte till now.

The Nokia 8 successor gets an OLED panel with unknown pixel density and resolution but if have to guess it will be a Quad HD panel. The India bound phone will come with Snapdragon 835, 128GB of onboard storage, and a 3,350 mAh battery. The Nokia 9 will also improve on Nokia 8’s dual camera set up by offering a pair of cameras on the front too. Keep in mind that these are all details which haven’t been officially confirmed by HMD and might turn out to be rumours.

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Price and Launch of the Nokia 9 in India

The Nokia 9 is expected to be revealed globally around mid-January 2018. Keeping in mind the importance for the Indian market for HMD, Nokia 9 may land up here before other key markets like the Nokia 8. Coming to the price, since Nokia 9 will support a Snapdragon 835 processor in 2018 we are expecting HMD to pull a Nokia 8 like trick and price the phone very competitively in India. Expect it to be priced between Oneplus and LG’s flagship devices for around 40,000 Rupees.

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