Nokia 8 Review – It Deserves Even More Love | Check Nokia 8 Specs & Price in India

Before the launch of Nokia 8 Fans had been anticipating Nokia’s entry back into the smartphone market after its stint with Windows Phone did not pay off. Well as part of an agreement with Microsoft’s acquisition of smartphone network of Nokia it was not to develop any smartphone by itself till late 2016. Well, it’s 2017 already and after launching some mediocre spec phones Nokia launched the Nokia 8. Well, Nokia 8 was nothing extraordinary and features specifications that any flagship smartphone should get but the terrific pricing of the phone at 36,999 Indian Rupees it was a steal.

What makes the Nokia 8 a sweet deal in the Indian market?

The Nokia 8 specifications are pretty high end and feature a long list of things that a modern smartphone should come with as per 2017 standard. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 makes sure that the Nokia 8 does every task with ease that is thrown at it. The same processor is found in the U.S. variants of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which comes at 54,000 Rupees. The Indian spec variant of the Samsung S8 ditches the 835 for a feeble Exynos processor. The screen of the Nokia 8 is a quadHD 5.3 inch display and is probably the best thing about the phone.

At a time when even entry-level Xiaomi phones get large 5.5-inch displays, we are glad someone apart from the Xperia Compact line up is taking care to the needs of people who want their phones to fit in their hands. Nokia 8 comes with 4GB of RAM making sure even the heavy gamers do not see any latency issues.

The dual lens 13MP camera setup is present with OIS support and rivals the flagships that are almost double the price of Nokia 8. Bluetooth 5.0, USB-Type C, Splash Resistance all make it in line with the future ready smartphones of 2017. The only thing that Nokia 8 misses out on is the bezel-less display that Samsung S8 and Apple iPhone X come with, but is the bezel-less screen worth an extra 20,000-50,000 Rupees?

Price of the Nokia 8 is unbeatable:

All this is pretty standard for any company’s flagship device but the price that Nokia has managed to bring it at is insanely unbelievable. The Nokia 8 goes for 36,999 Rupees in India and makes the competition with other flagships pretty one-sided. The only phone that rivals the Nokia 8 is the Oneplus 5 which seems to be doing great in the Indian market but is a lesser established Chinese manufacturer while Nokia enjoys the position of Country’s one of the first mobile manufacturers.


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