Not 2018 Swift But It Is The Maruti Dzire That Topped The Sales Chart in February

Maruti Dzire remains the highest selling car in India beating the Alto and 2018 Swift Facelift

Maruti Dzire is undoubtedly the most popular compact sedan in the Indian market right now and has constantly been topping the sales chart every month successfully beating the Alto. Although the Alto has managed to outshine the Maruti Suzuki Dzire on several occasions, experts believed that the 2018 Swift might take the crown in the month of February. The 2018 Swift Facelift which happens to have grossed the 90,000 bookings mark in just a matter of 8 weeks is expected to cross 1,00,000 bookings in 9 weeks thus beating the Maruti Dzire which did the same in four months. It was these figures that made the experts doubt on the Maruti Suzuki Dzire’s reign.

What Makes The Maruti Dzire So Desirable?

The Maruti Dzire has received overwhelming response not just for the current facelift but even for all the generations before that. The Maruti Suzuki Dzire when launched in 2008 opened the possibility for the Indian car buyer to upgrade to the sedan segment without burning a hole in his pocket for the Honda City. The only affordable compact sedan then was the Tata Indigo which wasn’t exactly reliable at the time. The Maruti Dzire had an extremely large boot which made it a popular choice for the regular intercity travelers.

Today the Maruti Dzire comes with a long list of features which put all the allegations of it being an outdated car to rest. It is true that the cars like Honda Amaze and Toyota Etios were better looking than the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and offered better in terms of features too. However, with the 2017 Facelift Suzuki has been able to make the car look pretty handsome with the boot now better integrated into the car.

Currently the Maruti Dzire offers features like Android Auto, Apple Carplay and reverse parking camera along with parking sensors which make it one of the most desirable compact sedans in the country. The only other car which gets similar features like Rear AC Vents is the Hyundai Xcent but has not been able to strike a connection with the Indian customer.

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire has also made features like ABS and EBD along with front Airbags standard across thus ranking high in terms of safety.

Maruti Dzire Price India

Maruti Dzire price in India starts at 5.56 Lakhs for the base petrol (LXI) and goes all the way up to 9.43 Lakhs for the ZDI+ AMT. These prices are substantially higher than the Alto which is the cheapest car that the company sells in India. The Maruti Suzuki Dzire outselling the 2018 Swift also means that the inclusion of a boot is pretty important in the overall package.

Coming in 57,000 Rupees pricier than the 2018 Maruti Swift, the car makes it easier to carry a substantial amount of luggage for a family trip. The Maruti Dzire’s boot is measured at 378 liters while the Swift has a significantly smaller one with only 268 liters of storage. Tata Zest and Honda Amaze do keep its competition alive though offering better performance and space on the inside.


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