Not Gold Chains, But it Has Been Mobile Phones That Have Been Snatched The Most in Chandigarh

Chandigarh witnesses an alarming rise in the snatching cases. Mobile phones become the main target followed by gold chains & hand bags.

Chandigarh tends to witness a lot of snatching and stealing cases every now and then. As per the police data, snatchers have their eye on the mobile phones the most and gold chains have become the second best option to snatch followed by purses and handbags. The cases of snatching and stealing have increased to a great extent which also leads to the loss of life owing to major injuries in robbery cases. As many as 238 cases of snatching by the robbers had been reported out of which, the police officials have managed to solve as many as 115 cases.

Snatching Cases On a Rise in Chandigarh | Know Details  

The preceding year witnessed a huge number of snatching cases in the City Beautiful as in comparison to 2016. Totally, 238 snatching cases were reported to the Police out of which 104 were mobile phone snatching cases. 89 cases of gold chain snatching were filed and 45 cases were that of purses and handbags. If compared, 161 cases of snatching were reported in 2016  which marks a steep rise of 47.7% and is a definite matter of concern.

If the reports are to be believed, the police officials have managed to solve a number of 115 cases arresting 70 accused in Chandigarh snatching cases. Also, stolen items worth Rs. 33 lakhs have been recovered. This is definitely a thing to raise one’s concern upon. Also, necessary steps should be taken in terms of alertness and strictness in order to bring a downfall in the number of snatching cases which are being reported in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Snatching Cases Increase | Elderly People Unsafe 

Mobile phones can easily be sold from one party to the other which is why they are being snatched on a great scale. People do not always tend to look for the billing, ownership & other details which is a sign of sheer unawareness and irresponsibility thus giving a rise to the selling of stolen material. It is noticed that drug addicts tend to go for snatching in order to arrange money for their drugs or exchange the stolen items for drugs. Generally, snatchers take up motorcycles and cover the number plates with mud to commit these crimes especially with elderly people in the market or at the roads as it is easier to prey them and thus flee on the motorcycle.

The people should be aware of the surroundings as well as stricter laws and rules should be implemented in order to slow down and gradually cut these crimes off which are a harm to everyone.


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