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Let’s talk about the much hyped protest – Not in My Name.

Ever heard of the famous saying “Only the dead have seen the end of war” by the famous Greek philosopher Plato. Well its meaning has become quite literal in the case of 16 year old Junaid Mohammad who boarded the train to Mathura after shopping for Eid landed up in a brawl that grew out of a materialistic issue and took shape of a religious war that took his life. A small tiff that turned into a war and ended up wrenching Junaid’s soul out of his body in the most barbaric way has awaken a sense of justice among the people of our nation. The terrorizing incident of Junaid’s death brought the citizens of India onto the streets in the most powerful protest called “NOT IN MY NAME” against the inhuman practice of “lynching”, that involves taking lives innocents in the name of religion and caste.

#NotInMyName: A Protest Against Lynchings

From common man to famous personalities the protest #NotInMyName garnered the support of hundreds and thousands of people all over the country, that has been initiated by the filmmaker Saba Dewan on Wednesday 28th June. The “Not In My Name” campaign has been organized in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangaluru and Thiruvananthapuram from 6pm to 5am, and received an overwhelming response.

The protest reflected the pain and sorrow of the people and evoked a sense of hope between citizens. The campaign that seeks to “put a stop on the attack over the right to life and equality and recuperate the Constitution” is not only visible in the tangible state but is also going strong and big on the social media websites famous by the handle name #NotInMyName and is being shared by the people hugely.

For The Sake Of Human Rights

From artists to politicians the “Not In My Name” campaign started by Saba Dewan, has came out so powerfully that it has amassed a big number of prominent people to volunteer it with absolute exuberance. Poems and songs on equality, secularism and love filled the air during the protest, sewing up the torned beliefs of people and sparking a ray of hope. Filmmaker and activist Saba Dewan has made us realize that how vandalizing can these acts of lynching against Muslims and Dalits be for our society and the country as a whole.

Saba was shattered when she came across the news of Junaid’s brutal death. She felt strongly to break the silence and raise her voice against the injustice question the rulers of the nation about the inhuman exploits taking place frequently in this 21st century. People are frustrated and want the nescient acts of brutality in the name of religions to end in our nation and regain its peaceful state completely.

Source: IndianExpress


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