Not Sukhna Lake (Chandigarh), this place in Mohali is the new home for Migratory birds

Chandigarh: Sukhna Lake has been losing its winter charm, as Mohali attracts more migratory bird this year. Tourists visit Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh during winter to watch out for beautiful migratory birds but seem the birds are no more interested in the place. According to reports, there has been a huge downfall in the number of migratory birds at Sukhna Lake in 2019.

The city beautiful has been the home for various migratory birds during winters. But this year’s report says that only 30-40% migratory birds have visited Sukhna compared to earlier years. Whereas Mohali has been the new home for the migratory birds for the year 2019.

Sukhna Lake Chandigarh Losing its Winter Charm with less Migratory Birds

Every year Sukhna Lake acts as a home for numerous migratory birds from the Himalayas and far away like- Europe, Japan, China, Siberia and Central Asia. These migratory birds can be seen at Sukhna Chandigarh in between November to March period. Whereas the species that can be seen in Sukhna during this season are-  Common Pochards, Tufted Ducks, Greylag Goose, White-eyed Pochards, Ruddy Shelducks, Ferruginous Pochards and more.

Sukhna Club uses to count the number of migratory birds twice in a year i.e November and February month. In November 2018, only 7-8 species were spotted at Sukhna and a total 696 number of migratory birds. Whereas in February 2017, the number of birds was around 4196. Now the actual percentage will only be revealed after the census of February 2019.

This Place in Mohali has been the New Home for Migratory Birds

Although Sukhna Lake has been on the verge to lose its charm, people can watch the beauty of migratory birds in Mohali. According to reports, Motey Majra village in Mohali has been the new home for the migratory birds. In 2019, a total of 15 to 20 species have been spotted in Mohali and it includes- Pond Heron, Great Created Greb, White Breasted Water Hen and many more.

Although the number of migratory birds spotted in Mohali were way too far from that of Sukhna Lake this year. As per experts, their numbers are expected to increase unexpectedly by the month of March. Now head towards Mohali to watch the migratory birds from far away instead of Sukhna Lake Chandigarh.


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