Nottingham City is Helping Chandigarh in the Smart City Project & Here’s What Will Change

You all might be aware of the Chandigarh Smart City Project. The fact that Nottingham is now helping Chandigarh to turn into a city that is smart finds its confirmation from the Chandigarh Administration. A delegation from Nottingham City Council, UK had met the officials of UT Administration initially wherein a MoU with the council was signed.

Helping Hand of Nottingham for Chandigarh

The high-level delegation that had visited the city as a part of their mobilisation tour had earlier given a presentation about the services that they can provide to the MC regarding development on the following:

  • Nottingham, popularly known as the bicycle capital, boasts of being experts in smart transportation
  • Services like designing a cycling system and cycle tracks
  • Solid waste management in the city
  • Energy production unit in Chandigarh

Officials from Chandigarh to Visit Nottingham

Highly influenced by the developmental works in Nottingham and their achievements, administration officials now have planned to visit the city for a bird’s eye view on the project.

Home Secretary, Anurag Agarwal and Baldeo Purushartha, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, will be on a three-day official tour to Nottingham commencing from March 24 giving the council an opportunity to share its expertise and provide support to Chandigarh in its ambition of becoming a Smart City.

Role Reversal for Officials of UT Administration

UT Administration has meanwhile provided charges to other officials in absence of senior officials from the city for three consecutive days.

  • Sh. KK Jindal, Secretary (Personnel) would serve as Home Secretary, UT Administration.
  • Dr SB Deepak Kumar, Secretary, Technical Education would serve as┬áCommissioner, Municipal Corporation
  • Dr SB Deepak Kumar would also serve as┬áDeputy Commissioner as Ajit Balaji Joshi would also be on an official tour

Born and brought up by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, let us see what this London City – Nottingham has in store for her newly adopted baby Chandigarh !!!

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