Now You Can Fly From Amritsar Airport During Night Hours Too

Amritsar people will be able to board night flights now from Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport. A lot of people prefer flights at night in order to have a smooth and a relaxed journey. After almost one year, the night flights from the Amritsar International tickets will be resuming from May 1, 2017. The repair work of the runway at the Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport started last year on 26 May 2016.

The night flights from the Amritsar airport was stopped last year. This was done because the 12,000-ft-long runway was being repaired. The repair work of 1200-ft-long runway cost around Rs. 150 crore and the night flights from the airport are “Good To Go”

Night Flights From The Amritsar Airport Resumed 

The night flights will be resuming from May 1, 2017. The runway has been strengthened and repaired, all the huge body aircrafts can easily ply at night from the Amritsar airport.

The airlines won’t be facing any problem now as proper arrangements of ILS (Instrument Landing System) CAT II having 350 m visibility have been made.

Runway’s Repairment In Last One Year

The repair work of the runway at the Amritsar airport has finally finished. The following things were installed and upgraded:

  • Flex Portion of the runway was repaired and strengthened
  • Glass Grid was installed
  • The surface of the runway was repaired
  • The joints were repaired
  • The blast pads were surfaced again
  • The reflection cracks were also checked and repaired
  • Taxiways pavement have been repaired and strengthened
  • PAPI (Path Indicator) and a visual aid to pilots has also been installed

As the repair work has been finished, the pilots will be having a better of the runway and there is an improvement in the air navigation facilities. There are a lot of things which were needed for the up gradation of the runway, the things were imported from different countries. Some of the things imported are:

  • Insert light and isolating transformer – Finland
  • Constant current regulators –  Canada
  • New signages – Canada

The airport administration made sure that the repair and strengthening work of the runway was done as per the International Civil Organisation and Federal Aviation Agency of America

Source: The Tribune, Bhx Flight Guide

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