Now You can Travel in Delhi Buses using Metro Cards | Trial Period for the ETM System in 250 Buses on in Delhi

To ease the traveling within the city of Delhi, the idea of formulating single card for both Metro and buses was proposed in the year 2010. It took around 8 years for implementing the idea in Delhi and still it is testing phase. On Wednesday, the Delhi Transport Minister announced that the commuters will be able to use their metro cards in 250 city buses. Included in these 250 buses are 200 DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses and 50 Cluster buses. All these 250 buses are embedded with ETM that is Electronic Ticketing Mechanism for the test period that can validate the metro card of the travelers.

Trial for Validating Delhi Metro Cars in DTC Buses Begins on Monday

The announcement was made on Wednesday by the Delhi Transport Minister regarding validating the Metro card for the 250 buses from Monday. The trial will allow the commuters to travel through 200 in city DTC buses and 50 Cluster buses using Metro cards. This proposal of Common Mobility Card was put on the table in 2010 and due to technical challenges, the process took this long for implementation. Under this test duration, the Transport Minister has included an only limited number of buses. All the travelers in the city can now use their Metro card in 250 Selective buses from Monday onwards.

Future Scope of this Proposed Common Mobility Card in Delhi 

Common Mobility Card idea was proposed in 2010, under which a single card will be validated for the three transport options including Metro, DTC buses and Cluster Buses. This ideology is going to be put to test on Monday. On success, the Transport Corporation is planning to invent a new card for the daily commuters. And if the test analysis goes positive the authorities plan to implement it for all the buses until April 1, 2018. With the new year, the Delhi Transport Corporation has finally put the idea of Common Mobility Card in action.

What will Common Mobility Card Help Within Delhi? 

With huge congestion problems in the city, there are many daily travelers who are dependent on the public transport in the city. To help ease their daily commutations, Delhi Transport department has proposed the idea of Common Mobility card that will allow the users to use a single card in buses as well as metro. This card is pre-paid cards that will allow users to recharge it prior to payments making the payments easy. Once the new cards are manufactured, everyone will be able to purchase it easily from Metro station, and ISBTs.

Source – TOI


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