It is Now Mandatory for All Chemist Shops in Chandigarh to Display Their License

Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh has ordered Chandigarh Administration as well as that of Punjab’s and Haryana’s to make sure that pharmacy stores being run in the city are licensed. Not only that, in a move to curb the malpractice of monthly rentals being paid to licensee to sublet their licenses to private players to run medical stores in the city, High court has issued warnings for them too.

Making it mandatory for the original licensee to be present at the pharmacy stores in person, HC has given out strict rulings which could lead to many shut downs in the city soon.

Why the Decision?

In the wake of recent drug-related issues that has engulfed the entire Punjab and Haryana region including Chandigarh, High court has passed the orders for which the reasons are cited as below.

  • Abort malpractices of selling of non-prescribed drugs
  • Youth use medicines as intoxicants, a practice that needs to be curbed
  • Unethical practice of running pharmacies on rented registration certificates to die down
  • To tackle drug menace of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh
  • To ensure quality checks and compliance of norms of prescribed medicines
  • To ensure safety and protection against drug abuse

Steps taken by Authorities to ensure compliance

If you think you are a defaulter, watch out, because the rod would not be spared this time. To abolish defiance of compliance, Here’s what authorities are up to.

  • Stringent checks at regular intervals at various pharmacy stores in the city
  • Display of license and photograph of licensee at a noticeable place at the store mandatory.
  • Displayed license to be verified by the authorities first
  • Pharmacy Council to ensure authenticity of certificates issued
  • A status report to be filed by authorities based on survey to be conducted soon

The cause taken up and well informed by amicus curiae Navkiran Singh has restored our faith in humanity.High Court orders on strict norms that should prevail on the Pharmacy and Medical stores in Chandigarh might be set back for many but when one looks at the other side of the coin, it reaches out to have a great and everlasting impact on the consumer who gets cheated and fleeced time and again at the hands of these unscrupulous elements of the society.

A big battle against adulteration, fleecing and flourishing of profitable ventures at the cost of innocent lives has been initiated and let us strive hard to keep the flames of the fire ignited to soar high and rise till evil acts are abolished for good.

Source: ET

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