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Located in Elante Mall and James Hotel Chandigarh, O2 Spa offers an intimate journey of self innovation. The ambiance at O2 Spa Chandigarh is quite tranquilizing with soft music playing in the background. Aroma of ayurvedic oils and the aesthetic elements at Chandigarh’s O2 Spa are all inviting and appealing. Trained massage therapists and estheticians perform spa treatments, including massage, body scrubs, relaxing facials and much more.

Services at O2 Spa, Chandigarh

Balinese Massage

The amazing session at 02 Spa, Chandigarh is conducted by experienced therapist who will deeply work on your body to soothe damaged tissues, calm strained muscles, relieve pain and de-stress your tired mind. All the products and oils used at O2 Spa have therapeutic properties and after this massage you will feel relaxed and will regain balance between mind and body

Duration: 60 Mins/90 Mins

Price: INR 2250/ INR 3375

Western Massages at O2 Spa Chandigarh

Aromatherapy Massage

A perfect antidote of stress, O2 Spa at Chandigarh offers a wonderfully relaxing therapy combining deeply soothing massage using pure essential oils. The oils used at O2 Chandigarh are extracted from plants and have been used for thousands of years to benefit physical, mental and emotional health. Body parts that are pampered in this Aromatherapy Massage are back, front and back of your legs, feet, arms and chest.

Duration: 30 Mins/45 Mins

Price: INR 3026/ INR 4307

Deep Tissue Massage

Realigning deeper layers of muscles, Deep Tissue Massage at O2 Spa based in Chandigarh helps in getting rid of chronic aches/pain, stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. By using deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes, therapists focus on aligning the core.

Duration: 60 Mins/90 Mins

Price: INR 2790/ INR 3843

Swedish Massage

A great way to detoxify, O2 Spa Chandigarh offers this western massage that efficiently facilitates circulation for better tissue oxygenation and toxin disposal. Therapist performs mild, moderate or deeper strokes on the back, arms, legs, neck and other body parts to target tissues and to relax muscles of pain and stress.

Duration: 60 Mins/90 Mins

Price: INR 2185/INR 2700

Thai Massage

Trained spa professionals at O2 Chandigarh use controlled pressure and other techniques to improve flexibility of muscles to increase its permeability to the flow of Sen Energies. Thai Massage at O2 Spa focuses on circulation and pressure points, promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility.

Duration: 45 Mins/60 Mins

Price: INR 2810/3750

Foot Reflexology

Based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body, therapists at this spa in Chandigarh apply pressure to the feet, hands or ears with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

Duration: 30 Mins/60 Mins

Price: INR 500/INR 900

Body Scrub & Wraps at O2 Spa Chandigarh

African Cocoa Butter Moisturizing

This deep, moisturizing massage at O2 Chandigarh helps in prevention of growth of cancerous cells and tumours. Cocoa butter helps in improving skin’s moisture retention capability and elasticity. Helping in easing out eczema or psoriasis, African Cocoa Butter Moisturizing smells absolutely divine

Duration: 30 Mins

Price: INR 1690

Almond Honey Cleanser

This luxurious cleansing session at O2 Chandigarh spa is the ultimate try for those with overly dry skin. Super nut, almond oil helps in deep nourishment as well as helps in flushing out negative toxins from the body.

Duration: 30 Mins

Price: INR 1350

Australian Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating

Having antiseptic properties useful in treating cuts, wounds, burns, boils and other skin disorders, Australian Tea Tree Oil Exfoliation is an effective treatment to cure cure athlete’s foot and fungal nail infection, etc.

Whitening Scrub

This delicious scrub made by using rose hip oil & vanilla will open up your mind whilst tenderly cleaning ceaselessly dry dull skin. Whitening Scrub at O2 Spa in Chandigarh efficiently eliminates dead skin cells and tan from the upper epidermal layer of the skin.

Duration: 30 Mins

Price: INR 1690

Natural Fruit Wrap

Helpful in enhancing the texture of the skin, Natural Fruit Wrap at O2 Chandigarh purifies the body and gives a dewy glow. The smell of natural fruits grind into a paste and spread all over the body will leave you completely mesmerized.

Duration: 30 Mins

Price: INR 1350

Whitening Wrap

A therapeutic treatment, Whitening Wrap helps in detoxification of bad toxins.  Using all natural ingredients, therapists wrap the body in a powerful concoction that helps in tightening as well as toning of the skin. The ingredients in the wrap stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins and excess fat trapped lymph fluids.

Duration: 60 Mins

Price: INR 1690

O2 Spa Chandigarh

O2 Spa in Chandigarh

Phone: 9247020202, 9915948893

Address: O2 SPA, James Hotel, Sector 17 Chandigarh and at Elante Mall, Chandigarh.

Website: https://www.o2spa.org/


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