Offbeat Places in Maharashtra That You Need to Know About

Maharashtra is definitely not a place for which people plan holidays, but there are certain places where we aim to go. These are mostly the one who has gained all the popularity, but we never go to places that are not so known and still have that charm in them.

Given below are few of the places that one must know about and visit when they are in Maharashtra. Also, if you are looking to avail cheap flights, then you must plan your trip in advance.

Vijay Durg

The first place in Maharashtra that one must visit, but one do not much about it is the Vijaydurg fort. This place is a must visit for the people who love art and architecture, as will get to see the ancient Marathi form of architecture in this fort. This is situated on the bank of the sea and it is said in the ancient time’s people do not use to come here. There was this thing in the mind of the people that one cannot reach the fort without swimming in the deep sea water. However, now a day one can easily reach the palace by any of the public transports from the nearby area. Although the place is not much known and talked about, it is a must visit when you come next to Maharashtra.

Murud and Janjira islands

The next place to visit when coming to Maharashtra is the islands of Murud and Janjira. This is a fort that was built by a fisherman. All the effort that the man did was for the protection of his people from the enemies. Many of the invaders, including Britishers and Portuguese, tried to exploit this particular fort but were not successful. They were all defeated by the then ruler of the area. One can, however, reach the place through terrestrial transport, but if you hire a ferry for reaching the spot then it would be more enjoyable. One must come to this place to enjoy the beauty around and in the fort.

Umbrella falls

Umbrella falls are among the most beautiful falls of Maharashtra, but very few of us know about it. The crystal clear water of this fall makes its way and passes through the valley of Sahayadri. The water of the fall comes from the water of the Wilson Dam. Not just the fall, but there are amazing facts about the dam also. This is one of the oldest surviving dams of Asia, which is a matter of proud also. Apart from this, not just the fall the whole town of Bhandardara, in which the fall is situated, is very beautiful. So, one must have got plenty of reasons to visit this place.

Tamhini ghat

You either are knowing about the western or the eastern ghat, but one of the most beautiful ghats that Maharashtra has is the Tamhini ghat. This is called the heaven for bikers and connects the hills of Pune to the roads. The place is covered with dense greenery and looks amazingly beautiful. So, the one loves to plan well and enjoy road trips, will love coming here.

So, these were few of the offbeat places of Maharashtra that most us do not know about, but are a must visit.


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