Okinawa Praise Electric Scooter in India: 7 Things To Know

Okinawa Praise is the company’s second electric scooter to enter the Indian market after the budget-friendly model called Ridge. The Government of India has expressed its plans to make the country an all-electric car market by 2030 and the sale of petrol and diesel powered vehicles will be stopped completely. Okinawa Praise is an electric scooter that wants to stay ahead of the game and give tough competition to the market leaders like Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter. Here are a few things to know about the scooter.

Premium Looks of the Okinawa Praise

The electric scooters we have seen so far in India have frankly been doomed partly due to their looks but Okinawa Praise is no regular competitor. With premium looks and an edgy design, it also offers a full LED headlamp and tail-lamp cluster which puts it in the league of best-looking scooters in India.

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Features Of the Electric Scooter

Okinawa is a relatively new player in the market and it knew that for its electric scooters to stand out in India they had to load it up with features. The Okinawa Praise hence comes with a fully digital instrument cluster, side stand sensor, and keyless entry which are a first in the competition.

Performance lower than Honda Activa

This electric scooter pumps out 2500 Watt of power which translates to 3.35 BHP. Although these figures are significantly lower than that of a petrol powered gearless scooter in India, the Okinawa praise can easily touch the figures of 75 km/h.

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Safety Features of the Electric Scooter in India

The Okinawa Praise also boasts of some safety features that were only heard of in performance bikes until now. The electric scooter in India comes with dual disc brakes on the front wheel and a single one on the rear coupled to an E-ABS system which makes it the only scooter in India to do that.

Security Features of Okinawa Praise

If futuristic is your thing then this electric scooter in India has a lot more going on for you. If you have ever been worried about your scooter been stolen then it is time to leave those days behind because the Okinawa Praise comes with a ‘Find My Scooter’ feature which much like a smartphone these days will tell you the exact location of your electric scooter on a map. It is also equipped with the anti-theft feature but there is little known about how it works for now.

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Efficiency better than the Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter

The Okinawa Praise comes with a promise of an average run of 200 Kilometres per charge which means that you can travel up to 10 kilometres for an approximate cost of 1 Rupee. In comparison to this electric scooter in India, other gearless scooters cost averagely 1 Rupee per kilometre and that makes Okinawa Praise easy on your pocket by up to 10 times than a Honda Activa.

Price of Okinawa Praise Electric Scooter in India

The Okinawa Praise electric scooter comes at 59,989 Rupees in India and that is marginally higher than the Honda Activa standard which costs 52,000 Rupees. For a lifetime of savings and a host of features, the electric scooter makes better sense than any petrol powered gearless scooter in India.

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