You Can Now Book an Ola Cab for Outstation Through Google Maps

After the integration of the Ola intra-city with Google Maps in October 2016 now, the famous cab aggregators, Ola has struck the partnership with Google to facilitate the inter-city cab facility through Google Maps. Enabling this outstation facility, Ola and Google has found a way to ease the booking of inter-city rides making it available on Google Maps.

Now Book Ola Outstation Conveniently Through Google Maps

All the commuters travelling inter-city, can now easily book a ride through Ola. All they have to do is enter the destination on Google Map and below they will find the option for Ola Cabs. On Selecting this option the commuters will be directed to the Ola App Outstation category, from where he/she can select the ride conveniently. As per the officials of Ola, this integration is designed for enabling the access to a reliable and convenient mode of travelling long-distance.

Ola Enables Outstation Booking From 23 Cities in India With 215 One-Way Routes, Booking through Google Map

Along with the recent integration with the Google Maps, Ola Outstation has enabled the booking from 23 different cities in India, with 215 one-way rides. Where this cab facilitators have begun their outstation commute for 215 routes for now there, they are planning to expand their routes to a larger number of 500 in the coming week.

Google and Ola are known for strategising the ways to integrate for enhancing the customer experience for quite some time. With the ulterior goal of widening the chart of commuters traveling through Ola, they have made a mind-blowing strategy of integrating Google Maps with Ola outstation.

How to book an Ola Cab Through Google Maps?

Now, coming to the interesting part of knowing how this Ola and Google integration works. Well! it is very simple, the moment you key in the destination on the Google Maps, the Ola options available will appear on the transit tab. On selecting the Ola option, you will be redirected to the Ola outstation app, displaying the available commute options available for booking. After the booking is made, the pickup is carried out in an hour making it one of the convenient ways of traveling.

So, after the successful integration of intra-city Ola with Google Maps now comes the inter-city integration. Ola plans on expanding the reach and enhancing the customer experience every day. Keep in touch for more crunches from Ola and Google.

Source – NDTV


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