Ola Share & Uber Pool To Discontinue its Services in Delhi Soon

Delhi government is soon going to ban taxi companies that offer shared cab rides in the capital city like Ola share and Uber Pool. The cab services in Delhi are regulated under the City Taxi Scheme 2017 formed by the Aam Admi Party Government (AAP). Under the scheme the shared cab rides will be banned as the method is not accordant with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The City Taxi Scheme, 2017 is being properly inspected by the senior officials of the government and will soon be finalized.

Ban On Shared Taxi Services including Ola Share and Uber Pool

People of Delhi might need to find other ways to save their money because shared cab rides are not going to serve your purpose anymore. Shared taxi like Ola share and Uber pool system has become really popular recently as it actually very convenient and easy on you pocket. But as this service that become a favorite of many doesn’t comply with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 of the central government it will somehow have to be banned.

Operating by a contract carriage permit designed for no stop overs and point to point conveyance the cab aggregators are not following the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 apparently by introducing the shared taxi ride system. There is no provision made under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 for the cab operators owning a contract carriage permit to offer shared cab ride services to the public of Delhi.

The City Taxi Scheme, 2017

There is no doubt that shared taxi like Ola Share and Uber Pool system is cost effective and reduce traffic and pollution on the roads but since under the present law of the transport department taxis are only meant to be hired once to pick and drop from one destination to the other and are not meant for services that a vehicle working under the stage carriage permits provide like, local buses. The City Taxi Scheme, 2017 wants to regulate the taxi system of Delhi in a proper way, and is aiming towards the app-operated taxi services mainly.

Framed under the supervision of AAP government the City Taxi Scheme has many amendments up its sleeves that will be finalized in the coming days, but the shared cab ride system is the one to definitely go from the capital city of Delhi. As per the sources, the scheme is also trying to put a ceiling on the number of taxis an operator can ply at once. Moreover, a ceiling will be set on the maximum amount to be charged from the customers taking a cab ride.

Source: EconomicTimes


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