Oneplus 5T Lava Red Colour Introduced in China | Might Come To India Soon

Oneplus 5T is the most hyped phone in the market right now and enjoys the status of the most affordable flagship in the Indian market. India is a very important market for Onpelus and the company has launched the brand new smartphone Oneplus 5T here already. The Oneplus 5T was launched in China today and thought the specifications of the China model are exactly the same we Indian customers are jealous of the Lava Red colour option that the Oneplus has offered there.

Oneplus 5T now comes in a Lava Red Colour too

The red colour now offered in the Onplus 5T was hardly available in the flagship space before and was found in cheap entry level budget segment only. However, things changed when Apple launched its own red iPhone on World Aids Day and other manufacturers just went crazy with the Idea. Following the trend, Onplus has launched the beautiful Lava Red version of the Oneplus 5T and it just takes the experience a notch higher.

The rest of the specifications of the phone remain the same with the same full screen 6.01 inch full HD display and the fingerprint scanner at the back. The storage options in China spec variant of the Oneplus 5T are the same as in India with 6GB/64GB and 8GB/128GB being the two. Oneplus 5T also adds the option of unlocking your device with an Apple Face-ID like feature which eliminates the need to reach the fingerprint sensor on the back. It is the only phone offering 8GB of RAM in the smartphone market and offers smooth performance courtesy the Snapdragon 835 chip.

Oneplus 5T went on Open Sale in India Today

The Oneplus 5T went on open sale in India today which means that you don’t have to go beg to your friends for an invite or search the web and ‘bid’ for one. The Oneplus 5T is exclusively available from and Oneplus official store in India. The pricing of the Oneplus 5 successor the 5T has not been changed at all even after it got the bezel-less treatment. The base 6GB/64GB variant comes at 32,999 while the 8GB/128GB variant will set you back 37,999 Indian Rupees. We Just hope the Lava Red variant is launched in India too.

Source: FoneArena

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