Oneplus 5T vs Nokia 8 | Here’s How These Same Price Different Appeal Smartphones Compare

Oneplus 5T was launched on the 21st of November, 2017 in India and will compete with the likes of Samsung S8 and the Nokia 8. Since it is a highly anticipated smart phone you can expect quite a queue to get one. If the flash sale trend in India is to be believed only one in ten people are actually going to get their hands on the Oneplus 5T. What if there was a phone that was equally good available in the market and you could buy it right off the bat? And hence Nokia 8 enters the picture.

Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5T | What is Similar?

The Nokia 8 and the Oneplus 5T are pretty much standard 2017 phones and come with all the features one would expect. The most important thing in a smart phone is the processor and both the phones come with a Snapdragon 835 which is also present in flagships that come for double the price like Samsung Galaxy S8. Both the Oneplus 5T and the Nokia 8 come with corning gorilla glass 5 protection, fast charging and USB Type-C.

What sets the Nokia 8 and Oneplus 5T apart?

The Nokia 8 comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage while the Oneplus 5T is one of the handful phones that come with a standard 6GB/64GB storage option. There is also a 8GB RAM variant that is coupled to a 128GB memory.

Nokia 8’s display is a quadHD 5.3-inch screen which comes with large bezels on the top and bottom. The Oneplus 5T like its predecessors comes only with a fullHD resolution but the interesting thing is that the bezels have been minimised on the top and bottom which made it possible for the company to fit in a larger 6-inch screen on the Oneplus 5T.

Both the phones come with a dual camera on the back but the way the pictures are handled is poles apart. The Nokia 8 features two 13MP f/2.0 lenses one of them which is a monochrome and helps to add more detail to the picture. The Oneplus 5T, on the other hand, comes with a 20MP and 16MP lenses of f/1.7 aperture. The second lens is useful for taking low light photos as it combines four pixels into one to reduce the noise entering the lens.

Both the phones come at a similar price point in the 30-35 thousand bracket. The Nokia 8 comes for 36,999 Rupees while the Oneplus 5T is priced between 32,999-37,999 for the 6GB and the 8GB variants.

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