Online Appointment Mandatory For Issuing Driving License or RC in Chandigarh RLA

The decision by the Chandigarh RLA authorities met with some mixed reactions by the people of the city.

In order to put an end to the hassle at the Registration and Licensing Authority Office in Chandigarh, it has been mandatory to have an online appointment to get a driving license or Registration Certificate for your vehicle. The move was implemented in the Sector 17 Office last week and met mixed reactions from the people of the city. Earlier the applicants needed to fill out a form manually and stand in a queue for their turn thus causing havoc at the Chandigarh RLA office. Now the system has been made online only although the RLA authorities continued to give tokens on first come first serve basis on initial days.

Chandigarh RLA authorities believe the system will enable efficient work at the office

Chandigarh RLA authorities say that the system will enable the people to work efficiently and will eliminate the need to form long queues at the Sector 17 office. The applicant will have to procure an appointment online and then visit the office which will help the authorities to carry out the process in a civic manner. Over 500 people visit the Chandigarh RLA office everyday to issue Driving License and Registration Certificate for their vehicles.

However, the catch is that once the appointment is fixed the applicant has to come themselves through the process and cannot complete the process on someone else’s behalf. If the Chandigarh applicant fails to show up for the appointment, he will have to apply for a fresh one entirely.

On the first day of roll out on February 9th, a lot of people were left in a state of chaos and the Chandigarh RLA authorities had to give out 50 tokens on first come first serve basis. According to sources, there were still 40-50 people who had to go home disappointed even after the inconvenience.

The Decision Was Met With Mixed Reviews By The Chandigarh Residents

The people of Chandigarh were furious over the sudden change in the implementation and argued that they should have been informed well in advance. Some of the applicants said that the system should have been implemented on trial basis and the tokens should have continued to be given out simultaneously. We also do need to keep in mind that not all people are friendly with the Internet services and might have a nightmare completing the procedure. This will only give rise to agents in Chandigarh who are the go-to people even when the elderly residents have to apply for passports.

You can read the procedure for applying for a Driving License and Registration Certificate here.


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