Online Casino Bonuses Guide – How to Use & Win

We all know that bonuses aren’t the only reason for signing up at an online casino. However, if you’ve assessed the platform in question to be legit and trustworthy, then a bonus or two can help sweeten the deal. 

When it comes to online casino bonuses, there can be quite a wide variety to choose from. Here we take a look at some of the more common bonuses you can start collecting right away to potentially enhance your online gambling experience.

Welcome Bonus

One of the most exciting giveaways at an online casino is the Welcome Bonus. A Welcome Bonus is a way of saying thank you for registering a new account or a subtle (or not so subtle) way of pulling new punters in through the gate. 

So, what can you expect to get when depositing your hard-earned funds at a casino for the first time? Some of the things to look out for are:

  • Free spins – these may be for specific slots, so be sure to check.
  • Bonus cash – the casino may match your deposit up to a certain amount.

Never forget to read the rules of a Welcome Bonus carefully. This will help ensure you don’t do anything which may void the offer and help inform you what is needed to fulfil any criteria. 

Things to look out for are time limits and wagering requirements. If anything is unclear, don’t be afraid to reach out to the casino’s support team.

How to get a Welcome Bonus

So you want to get a Welcome Bonus but aren’t sure how? The good news is they are easy to take part in. Rules may vary from casino to casino, but they tend to generally follow this pattern:

  • Open an account by entering your personal details.
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions if everything looks okay.
  • Deposit a responsible amount of funds.

Now you’re all set for some real money online gambling. A casino may alert you to the Welcome Bonus during the sign-up process, advertise it clearly on the home page, or list it in the Bonus/Promo section. Familiarising yourself with the process will let you know exactly when to opt-in and how to do so.

Other Bonus Offers

As well as Welcome Bonuses, you can find a stack of other giveaways when using an online casino. Here are some popular ones, broadly defined:

  • Loyalty Bonus – in general, playing for real money can accrue loyalty points, which can lead to all sorts of potential giveaways and promos.
  • Cashback – some casinos will return a portion of a player’s deposits that have been spent on gambling within certain timeframes.
  • Promo Codes – these can unlock a host of giveaways, depending on the offer.

As you can see, there are stacks of ways casinos like to reward customers or tempt them to sign up. Always read the fine print of every offer, and don’t be afraid to turn them down if they don’t match your gambling style – there is likely to be something else soon that may be more suitable. Alternatively, if you’ve found something that is an ideal match – good luck! And be sure to gamble responsibly.


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