Online vs Offline Coaching for CAT

Online vs Offline Coaching for CAT is the real dilemma for the CAT aspirants. If you are preparing for the CAT exam and unsure about choosing between online or offline coaching, you’ve come to the right place! Which one would be the most beneficial for you? It is challenging to decide whether to join an online coaching or an offline one. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of both offline and online coaching to assist you in making an informed decision. 

Offline Coaching for CAT: Pros and Cons

Go through the list of pros and cons of offline coaching and reflect on which pros and cons impact you the most.


  1. Face-to-Face Interaction: When you attend a lecture in a classroom, you have the opportunity to interact with the teacher face-to-face. I still remember how my science teacher always looked at the expressions on my face to know if I understood what she taught us. Whenever I looked confused, she used to give me personal attention by asking what doubts I had.
  2. Classroom: You become an active part of discussions in a classroom. It gives you a conducive environment to prepare for your competitive exam. Studying always hits differently when you are doing it in a class full of students with the same goal.
  3. Peer interaction: You can find a group of peers who are dedicated to their preparation journey which would in turn motivate you to perform better and better every day. 


  1. Distance/ Commute: Students spend a lot of time traveling to and from their coaching and home. Instead, this time can be utilized for preparation. Apart from the commute time, there are many other time wasters for students. For instance, getting tired after coming home, grabbing a snack with your friends or on the route, etc.
  2. Expenses: An offline course is more expensive than an online course even if the content they teach and the resources they give you are the same. Going for an online course will save you some money for sure.
  3. Classroom distractions: Some students might knowingly or unknowingly distract the other students from studying by interrupting the class. Other students often get distracted by them especially when the teacher pays attention to those who interrupt.
  4. Lack of quality: The quality of teaching, study material, and faculty you can get in an online class is not at par with the coaching center in your neighborhood most of the time.

Online Coaching for CAT: Pros and Cons


  1. The actual CAT is online: You must attempt the actual CAT exam online. Building a habit of studying and giving the CAT Mock Test while sitting in front of your computer screen will benefit you on D-day.
  2. More opportunities: Online courses give you many more opportunities. For instance, connecting with previous years’ toppers, or other experts in the field. Moreover, you can learn from the best faculty across the country, not just your city. If your dream is succeeding in the CAT, you could also check out the various resources available on the official website of Cracku.
  3. Value for time: Online classes save a lot of time, not just for the students but also for the teachers since the content is to the point and precise. 
  4. Recorded sessions: What if you have to attend a marriage ceremony of a close one, or in case you face an emergency that forces you to miss a class or two? You don’t miss out on your learning part because you have the safety of lecture recordings in an online course. 
  5. Speed up the lecture: We have the 1.5x and 2x speed buttons on our fingertips now. Technology has enabled us to speed up our learning process. 
  6. Flexibility of time: You can watch an online lecture at 3 AM too. Online classes offer great flexibility to watch a lecture anytime from anywhere.


  1. Easy to get distracted: Many students complain of getting easily distracted during an online lecture, or not being able to sit throughout the Zoom webinar. However, if you want to enter the corporate world and become Online vs Offline Coaching for CAT: Which One To Choose? a manager expecting to earn a package of 25 lakh per annum, being able to focus on an online meeting is the bare minimum expected from you. 
  2. Need to be self-disciplined: No one is going to scold you if you are not 100% present in an online class if your cameras are turned off. This is a big disadvantage many students face in the online mode.
  3. Technical glitches: An online lecture starts with the question ‘Am I audible to everyone?’ You might face issues like poor connectivity which might end up wasting everyone’s time. Technical issues are a part of online learning.

Both modes of learning come with their flaws and strengths. After going through all the pros and cons of online and offline modes, ask yourself these questions: Which factors among these pros and cons affect my preparation the most? Does it have a positive impact on my preparation or a negative one? Which learning mode maximizes the positive impact and minimizes the negative effect on my preparation?

After talking to various teachers and students, we found out that an online mode of learning was the preferred one. Many students shared that their performance and mock scores improved significantly after joining online coaching. 

Whether you thrive in the flexibility of online learning or prefer the structured environment of offline classes, remember that your ultimate goal must be to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to ace the CAT exam. So go ahead and choose what works best for you!


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