And Now There Will be an Organic Mandi in Chandigarh Sector 26 Every Monday

Chandigarh has got its very own organic farmer market or organic mandi thanks to the Chandigarh Agriculture and Marketing Board. Farmers from in and around Chandigarh set up stalls in the market to sell their organic food products. A large number of people came in to support this initiative and buy organic vegetables and fruits. The farmers too seemed happy with how the things went on the first day of Chandigarh Organic Mandi.

The inaugural day of the first ever Organic Mandi in Chandigarh 

The Organic Mandi was held for the first time in Chandigarh. It was inaugurated in Mohali three months ago in Sector 76 but the wait for Chandigarh residents to buy organic vegetables was a little longer. Farmers from neighbouring areas of Chandigarh had put up stalls for selling their organic products.

The organic mandi in sector 26 did a business of 40,000 Rupees on an opening day. Farmers from neighbouring areas of Himachal Pradesh also participated in the organic mandi. One such farmer Manoj Kumar did a business of 5,000 rupees and seemed happy with the results. The Chandigarh Agriculture and Marketing Board told the media that there were a lot of farmers that grew organic products but had no platform to target a customer on a larger scale. With the Organic Mandi every Monday, they will be able to yield better profits. A variety of fresh and totally organic products including vegetables, fruits and spices will be available in the organic mandi in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Organic Mandi every Monday at Sector 26.

After witnessing the success of the first ever Organic Mandi in Chandigarh, the Chandigarh Agriculture and Marketing Board has announced that it will be held in the market premises of Sector 26 every Monday. This is a very thought after the decision as Monday is a holiday in the vegetable market in Chandigarh. The frequency of the Organic Mandi might be increased to two days a week if the Chandigarh Agriculture and Marketing Board witnesses higher demand.

We sincerely hope this initiative by the Chandigarh Agriculture and Marketing Board exceeds the expectations of the people.

Source: Tribune


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