Pabandiyan – Ajaypal Maan (New Punjabi Song) | Official Video

Pabandiyan song by Ajaypal Maan has exceptionally expressed the message that daughters are our pride but are not given their deserved rights. Most of the Indians tend to bind their daughters in numerous restrictions but daughters always make efforts to make their parents proud. Yes, exceptions are always there! The campaign ‘Beti Bachao, Bati Padhao’ has been beautifully incorporated in the latest Punjabi song Pabandiyan.

Lyrics of the song Pabandiyan has been penned down by Jaggi Sanghera and Ajaypal Maan’s voice has added the much required soul to the song Pabandiyan. Other issues that have been portrayed in the song are abolishing dowry and eliminating getting married without parental consent. The music of the song has been composed nicely and touches the chords of the heart directly.

Ajaypal Maan’s Pabandiyan – A Daughter’s Tale

Pabandiyan song by Ajaypal Maan opens with a social issue of daughter’s marriage. In the starting of the song the mother proposes a suitable match for her daughter but the father rejects the match saying he wants to marry her daughter in a landlord’s or bigger family. The girl, here in Ajaypal Maan’s Pabandiyan, is in love with a guy but is reluctant to express it to her father as she loves her father too much and doesn’t want to embarrass him in the society by running from home and getting married to the boy of her choice.

She keeps telling the boy to come and seek her parent’s permission for getting lawfully married with their parent’s blessings. On the other hand, the father finalises a boy for her daughter but the meeting turns futile as the boy’s parents seek dowry from them to which the girl’s father replies that he has made her daughter capable enough to stand on her own feet and that he won’t support dowry.

The song opens with the stanza ‘Layia naa Pabandiyan pada layi Chandigarh ve tu he das bapu de na kive lawa lad ve… which would mean that ‘Tell me how to fight with my father who has never put any restrictions on me and he even made me study in Chandigarh. What happens with the girl? She get’s married to her beloved or… Watch the video which is worth watching.

Pabandiyan – Ajaypal Maan ft Kanika Man

Pabandiyan- Ajaypal Maan

Singer – Ajaypal Maan

Feat – Kanika Maan

Music – Ranjha Yaar

Lyrics – Jaggi Sanghera

Ajaypal Maan’s Pabandiyan – Official video

The message in the song Pabandiyan – Ajaypal Maan

“Dheeyan wi anmuliyan hundiya ne jinwe heera hunda hai suniyar layi,

Tusi maapeyan nu vi bhulleyo na kade hamsafar de pyaar layi

Eh izzat gehna umraan da eh gal na dilon visar layin

Dehleez ghar diyaan langhan to pehlan tu hath akklan nu maar layin…”


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