Palchan – Rohtang Pass Ropeway Project | Here’s All You Need to Know

The much awaited Palchan Rohtang ropeway project in Himachal Pradesh has finally got clearance. The proposed 8.6 km Palchan Rohtang ropeway project will not only add to the experience of the tourists visiting the place to see the scenic beauty of the valley but will also make the journey enthralling.

Ropeways in the hills always offer a poles apart view which is otherwise almost impossible to witness while travelling to the same place through road. After several hurdles finally the decks for the construction of the Palchan-Rohtang ropeway project has been cleared.

Benefits of the Palchan-Rohtang ropeway project 

  • The installation of Palchan-Rohtang ropeway would reduce congestion Manali-Rohtang Pass road.
  • It will reduce the amount of carbon emission in the air of Himachal Pradesh which is adversely affecting the eco-system.
  • The Palchan-Rohtang ropeway project would also ensure easy access to the mountain pass.
  • Tourists will no longer have to struggle for permits for their journey.
  • The 9-km-long ropeway project (proposed length 8.6 km) would offer the tourists a picturesque aerial view of the entire valley.
  • The Palchan-Rohtang ropeway in Himachal would cover the 4-6 hour journey in approximate 1-2 hours.
  • Reaching the mountain top would be breathtaking as well as mesmerising.
  • In the peak season, May-July, when approximately 10, 000 tourists and more than 3500 vehicles visit  Rohtang pass everyday this ropeway would reduce the threat from pollution to the ecology of the area.
  • The Palchan-Rohtang ropeway project will make the journey easier. It will not only save time but will also be able to transport around 9,000 visitors every day.

These technicalities might interest you

The ropeway project would be developed by APHL a part of the consortium of TRIL Urban Transport Private Limited. The ropeway project would be developed on BOT mode for a concession period of 40 Years. The Lower Terminal Station (LTP) of the Palchan-Rohtang ropeway project is proposed at Palchan. There will be two intermediate stations that are proposed at Gulaba and Marhi and the ropeway will conclude at Rohtang Pass where the Upper Terminal Station (UTP) is proposed. The working system of this ropeway project involves the development of 4 stations and 60 ropeway towers along the alignment.

What is the need of Palchan-Rohtang Ropeway project?

 Some of the serious concerns that have been submitted in a report submitted by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) the need of the ropeway project is due to the following reasons.
  • According to a study snow deposits in the upper valley are gradually turning black due to the layer of carbon and soot generated by vehicles.
  • The snow has started melting at a faster rate.
  • To reduce congestion at 13,050-feet Rohtang Pass.
  • To reduce pollution caused by vehicles.
  • The project would assist in the reduction of traffic congestion to a large extent.
  • This project would be a great milestone to boost tourism in harmony with the eco-system.

More Ropeway projects in Himachal Pradesh

The Cabinet has accorded its approval for six ropeway projects that would be developed in the state. These include:

  • Neugal (Palampur)
  • Bhunter-Bijli Mahadev
  • Dharamkot-Triund
  • Toba-Nainadevi
  • Shahtalai- Deotsidh
  • Sarahan-Bashal Kanda

The final fee and actual time of the journey would be announced by the authority once the project is functional. Till then, one has other ropeway projects to enjoy the scenic beauty including the closest to Chandigarh — Timer Trail.

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