9-Year-Old Panchkula Student Hit And Locked Up In School Loo | Shocking

The news of a 9-year-old who was hit and later locked up in the school loo in Panchkula has shocked the tricity residents. After the Gurugram’s Ryan School case, such incidents have suddenly increased in the country.

Similar to the Ryan school case, a similar incident has been reported in a school in Panchkula, Haryana, where a nine-year-old boy was locked up in the toilet after being beaten up badly. According to reports, the 9-year-old student of a government school was beaten badly and was then locked in the school toilet.

9-Year-Old Hit And Locked Up In School Loo In Panchkula

The police have registered an FIR against the school administration. Acting on the complaint of the boy’s father, the police have registered a case of wrongful confinement against the school administration.

According to the report, it is being suspected that two unidentified schoolmates of the Class III student had locked him up in the school toilet. The 9-year-old victim is the student of Saarthak School in Sector 12 A, Panchkula. Saarthak School is a state government-run model school. It was also mentioned in the report that the victim was in a state of shock but is stated to be stable now.

9-year-old victim’s statement

The 9-year-old boy has told the police that one of the two boys had hit him on the head with a stick. The victim does not remember how he reached the toilet? The cops have not been able to establish the motive behind the attack.

It was during the initial investigation, that one of the teachers revealed that on finding the victim missing after the recess the teacher had sent his classmates to look for him. The 9-year-old boy was found lying on the floor of the toilet by his classmates in a half-conscious state.

Parents allege foul play

According to the report, victim’s father has alleged that the school authorities were trying to hide the incident. He alleged that victim’s mother was surprised to see his clothes changed when she went to the school to pick up their son.

On being questioned the reason behind changing the boy’s uniform the authorities showed her the victim’s uniform soiled with vomit and excrement. The authorities did not tell her the reason for changing the clothes.

Father of the boy has also alleged that school authorities refused to show him CCTV footage. He stated that the authorities were trying to cover up the case as they claimed that the cameras were not working properly.

Source: Times of India


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