Panchkula to Get Its First Open Air Gym & Its Just Waooo

Panchkula is soon going to have an open air gym in the city. Following the footsteps of the neighboring state Chandigarh, Panchkula too is going to set up its first open air gym in the city for the Panchkula residents. Open air gym concept was initiated in the city beautiful Chandigarh last year. Since then, the open air gym concept is being followed in the neighboring cities as well as several other cities.

Where is Panchkula’s First Open Air Gym?

The first open air gym in Panchkula is going to be set up in Sector 19, Panchkula. The open air gym concept initiated in Chandigarh last year and Panchkula is following the suit to offer a healthy environment to the residents of Panchkula. It was reported that the Mayor of Panchkula had laid the foundation stone for the Panchkula’s first open gym and the open air gym will soon be set in the city. It was also reported that work on the open air gym in Panchkula will commence in the park in Sector 19 Panchkula soon.

The reason for this gym

It was reported that after the area councilor raised the demand for an open gym in the area a few months ago the authorities gave their approval for the project. The area councilor had written a letter to the ADC (Additional deputy commissioner) to set up an open gym in the area for the benefit of Panchkula residents. It was mentioned in the letter that the proposed open gym in Panchkula will help the residents in the area to do light exercises in the morning coupled with their morning or the evening walk.

Efforts for the open gym in Panchkula

It was also reported that the Panchkula DC had come up with the idea of open gyms in Panchkula and had initiated work on such gyms in 250 parks of the district. This effort was initiated on the lines of the Chandigarh administration’s effort of setting up open gyms in Chandigarh. This initiative of open gyms in Panchkula will not only promote healthy living but will also provide gym facilities to the residents of Panchkula free of cost. Municipal Corporation and HUDA officials will jointly work in this open air gym project with the common aim to provide a healthy lifestyle to the locals. These open gyms in Panchkula will offer gym facilities to the people of all age groups right in their locality.


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