Panchkula Man Held For Unnatural Act & Forcing Abortion on Wife

The Panchkula police arrested a woman cop’s husband on Tuesday for an unnatural sexual act. She is a resident of Panchkula and also a police officer. The woman cop filed a complaint against her husband, Hitender Kumar and she was also in a matrimonial dispute with her husband. The couple got married in November 2007.

What the Woman Said:

The woman said that her husband attempted to abort her child. The police have registered a case of dowry, forcing abortion on her and an unnatural act on April, 18 at the Sector 20 police station, Panchkula.

The woman cop’s husband’s family is a family of criminals. The woman cop was molested by her brother-in-law Satinder Kumar. Satinder Kumar got bail from the court and her sister-in-law Seema is also out on bail.

The Woman Cop Was Made To Suffer

She said that she felt low and was insulted by her husband as Hitender used to commit unnatural and unethical sexual acts on her. The woman cop said she was one and a half month pregnant and was suffering from pain when Hitender gave her abortion tablets which led to bleeding in 2015.

The police said that the woman told them about Rs. 17 lakh which were paid as dowry or marriage expenditure. There are 5 accused in this case and the in-charge of police post of Sector 19 said that the parents of Hitender Kumar have applied for bail.

Supreme Court’s Judgement in 2014

According to Supreme Court, the maximum punishment in such cases is up to 7 years and the police officer cannot arrest the accused on the fact that he or might have committed the offense.

He has to record reasons for his arrest only in the case if:

  • The person could commit any further offence.
  • Proper investigation of the case.
  • Prevent the accused from causing the evidence of the offence to disappear.

A lot of cases having sections of molestation, rape, unnatural act against in-laws are being pressed after this judgment.

In this case, the police asked for the arrest warrants from the court but the judge said that accused cannot be arrested by the police because a section of an unnatural act has been present.

Source: Hindustan Times


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