Panchkula, Get Ready to Pay 100 to 300 % More Water Bills

People residing in Panchkula will now have to shell out more to pay their water bills as the water tariff has been increased by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA). The new rates for water consumption will be 100 to 300 percent higher than the previous rates.

New rates of water tariff in Panchkula

The new rates of water supply will be effective from today onwards across Panchkula district. For first 20 kilolitres of water consumption, a Panchkula resident will have to pay Rs 5 per kilolitre while those using above 20 kilolitres per month will have to pay Rs 10 per kilolitre. In spite of the huge water crisis across Panchkula, the water tariff has been increased due to a lot of expenditure on water supply.

Water tariff rates now and then in Panchkula

HUDA has raised the water tariff for both residential and commercial consumption after almost 16 years.
Earlier, it was raised in October 2001. Unlike previously, there will only two slabs for water consumption that is upto 20 kl and above 20 kl from now on. Before this existed three slabs for water consumption including price for upto 15 kl was Rs 1.25 per kl, for up to 30 kl, Rs 2.5 per kl and Rs 4 per kl for the water consumption of above 30 kl.

Not only this, the tariff for commercial, industrial and institutional, has also raised to 150- 300 per cent.
For commercial and industrial purposes the water tariff has risen to Rs 15 per kl from Rs 4 per kl, for institutional consumption, it is now Rs 10 per kl from Rs 4 per kl and for unmetered connections Rs 200 will be charged for per 100 meter plot size. Along with the water tariff, HUDA has also increased the sewerage charges across Panchkula.

Though, the new rates of water consumption in Panchkula has made them a bit upset. Now, when HUDA has raised the water tariff in Panchkula, the residents are expecting better water supply. That is for sure that if the authorities will improve the supply of water then no one would mind paying extra. But let’s see how will HUDA manage with the challenge of the water crisis in Panchkula, especially during summers.


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